Re: Post Your Ride 2020

Postby Velocipedestrian on Fri 28th Aug 10:13am

Here you go AgrAde.
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Re: Post Your Ride 2020

Postby AgrAde on Sat 29th Aug 2:57pm

Cheers, not quite what I'm after, but they look like they'd be good shoes as long as the sole stays attached. The phantom rubber grips really well still, I had it on my old danny mac shoes. It's harder than the normal compounds they use so might not peel off immediately. Maybe when I get sick of the state of my current freeriders...

The arcteryx shoes are a little narrower than I was hoping but stoked I bought them, will be a good technical hiking shoe. If I end up with new boots they'll be seeing a lot of mountains and riverbeds rather than walking tracks so definitely want to stick to something that's as stiff as I can get (for a 500-600g boot) with a good climbing toe etc. I do like flex if I'm walking, but.

russthedog wrote:Im not totally sure this is in the right spot, but Im too pumped on this bike not to share. Hopefully you can see the image attached. Have had this bike for a couple of months now, and thanks to lockdown havent ridden it as much as I would have liked, but holy moly it is amazing! By far the most super bike Ive owned.

[Revel Rascal T1000 XL]

Where it really shine is in descending, the bike feels so good and balanced I can push really hard - I am going fast than ever on anything flat or downhill. Uphill Im still winching lol. The weight is really low (I normally run pretty heavy bikes), at around mid 13kg's. Pedalling also is very efficient - the suspension feels active, but the bike wants to move forward with each pedal. Most reviews talk about how poppy and playful it is, and I would agree, but the defining character is how it feels like it has a lot more travel on the back end - its really noticeable.

Looks awesome! I'd quite like something like that.
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