Ex-pat Kiwi Comin' Home For The Holidays

Postby BeanTownKiwi on Mon 10/Nov/08 4:39am

Hey guys,

Just signed up on the site yesterday and already it's been a wealth of information. For the last 10 years I've been living on the North East Coast of the US (NY, Boston, New Hamshire, Maine, Vermont) and have become pretty spoiled for lift-access riding so was pretty pleased to learn of the commercial lift-access/shuttle services in NZ.

That said I'll probably bring my Enduro with me so I can hit up a variety of riding. Will be traveling from Auckland to Rotorua (via Hamilton) from Dec 8th - 13th and then will be down in Christchurch for a couple of weeks following that.

Anyway, if anyone can point me towards some good riding, particularly around the Hamilton area (I couldn't find too much) it would be most appreciated.

Likewise if anyone is planning a trip to the US and is looking for info on trails I can probably help out there too.

Thanks a bunch. Going out riding!

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Postby mjc on Mon 10/Nov/08 7:40am

:pmob: There was a recent thread along the lines of 'extended stay in NZ' that had some good riding locations. I'd find it but I'm on mobile right now!

Make sure you have plenty of time down south, Queenstown, Wanaka etc. Christchurch and Rotorua have uplift services too this summer (I beleive??).
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Postby Colin on Mon 10/Nov/08 8:44am

I'm not aware of there being much riding around Hamilton. But Rotorua is an hour away.

And there are a couple places at Tauranga (Oropi and Summerhill). Oropi is smallish, but both have appeal for the hucker as well as xc.

Oh, and I just remembered Cougar Park out Tokoroa way.

A ton of riding listed in here http://www.groundeffect.co.nz/product-d ... LA-ACC.htm
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Postby BeanTownKiwi on Sun 16/Nov/08 5:24am

Thx Colin, just ordered myself a copy of the book so hopefully it gets here before I depart. In the meantime are there any NZ mountain bike sites that have trail listings/reviews? In the States we have MTBR, RideMonkey, Dirtworld etc but the Kiwi's seem to be keeping their trails a bit of a secret!
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Postby Chickenman on Sat 6/Dec/08 11:13pm

If you are who I think you are, I'll flick you an email with my phone numbers. I'll be back in CHCH for xmas too.
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Postby specializedman on Sat 6/Dec/08 11:31pm

If your interested in riding in Hamilton in the next few weeks I could show you a variety of trails including Te Aroha, Te Miro and I also ride at Pukete in Hamilton.

I'm on holiday at the moment and don't have much in the way of plans so let me know when your in the area!
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