Ohope Ordeal

Postby drhvorb on Thu 5/Apr/07 9:06am

Can any one advise me where / how to apply?

I had a quick look at the website but could not see any info on this years event?


Have never riden the event before but I'm keen to try it.
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Postby vecorvector on Sat 7/Apr/07 7:16am

I be leave the entries are at the printers at the moment hopefully they will be available soon
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Postby drhvorb on Sun 8/Apr/07 8:48am

Thanks :-)

Did I make a mistake or has the date changed?

I had 28th April in my calendar as the date, which I'm sure I read somewhere.
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Ohope Ordeal

Postby Grumps on Tue 10/Apr/07 10:11am

The ordeal has been postponed to the 26 May
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Postby Tama on Tue 10/Apr/07 10:38am

Argh! The website was down and it wasn't listed in the Events Section: http://www.vorb.org.nz/index-events.html

So I thought it wasn't happening and haven't included it as an upcoming event for the next issue of Spoke Magazine. We've still got a chance to get it in (going to the printers at the end of this week.) Where's some information about it? Can someone list it here: http://www.vorb.org.nz/index-events.html

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Postby drhvorb on Wed 11/Apr/07 8:54pm

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Ohope Ordeal

Postby Grumps on Fri 13/Apr/07 9:23am

The Ohope Ordeal offers long (40km) and short course (20km) options, both very hilly. The long course includes a mid-race main climb that soars to over 450 metres. On a clear day there are spectacular views over Ohiwa Harbour and out to White Island (Whaakari) and Whale Island (Moutohora).The mix of riding terrain is diverse, with lengthy stretches of single-track and meandering farmland cattle trails, as well as swooping pine needle and shingle covered forestry roads. The ride finishes off with a 50-metre dash across Ohope Beach School playing field.

As well as being – almost - 100 percent ridable, the event is 100 percent mellow. “It’s a really good race. It’s a really interesting course,â€
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Check Out The New Site For The Ohope Ordeal 2007 On 26 May

Postby arwensdad on Sat 14/Apr/07 8:21am

www.whakatane.com/feature_ohope_ordeal.html .

The course is looking great with some new single track and fast downhills to really get the juices flowing. The whakatane MTB club is pulling out all stops to have the course in primo condition for the event.
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