Nzcc: Part 2

Postby SamultheCamul on Fri 31/Jan/14 1:02am

Tuesday 10am: The Aussies have arrived. An easy hour on the bike is followed by an even easier hour talking shit at the coffee shop. Today’s cafe of choice is Moxies, also frequented by Palmy personalities such as Aaron Cruden, Jesse Sergent and that guy from X-Factor.


Palmy architecture. Scary fact; following the Christchurch earthquake, an investigation showed this church to comply with less than 3% of the building code. It is now closed for repair.


Later that afternoon: Ride now done, a lot of time has been spent lying around in our hotel room. I hate downtime.


Wednesday Afternoon: People of Palmerston North.


Wednesday Afternoon: View from my wind trainer as I warm down from Stage 1, a short and sharp 5.1km TT. I had a solid ride, good enough for sixth on the day but finished more with a feeling of ” thank god that’s over” rather than “I really stomped that one.”
Moments later, a fresh looking Vinky rolled in having completed his ride.
Me – “how’d you go bro”
Vinky – “yea ok, got myself at 6:09, that ok?”
Me – “bro, that’s like 10 seconds into the leader”
Vinky – “pft, whatever”


Results above. Bloody good day for Budget Forklifts, but the tour is just getting started!


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Re: Nzcc: Part 2

Postby Tugboat on Fri 31/Jan/14 10:49am

Nice Sam. The boys looked super tight chasing down the four who tried to get away late in the stage yesterday. :thumbsup: :cool:
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