Not A Bike But - Old German Made Sportscar For Sale

Postby contrabipedalist on Fri 25/Sep/09 11:35pm

Buick Opel GT 2 door Coupe’ 1968 – 1969 - Dunedin.

Ist das das sexy Deutsch Opel GT, das meine Ohren gemacht hat, wackelt?
Ist das der sexy deutschen Opel GT, die meinen Ohren wackeln?


One of the early GT models.


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Ex Cahokia Illinois.

2 door coupe’

No US Title as sold as parts car. There may be a pink slip title I will have to check. All other documentation eg MAF & import available.

VIN 941827894

Mileage shows 87,700 but i suspect this is 187,700 miles

Dark Green with biscuit cream interior.Has been repainted a few times may have been red originally.
You are bidding on a German built sports coupe’ from the early seventies with a Record in line four over head cam motor.Ressembles a bay Corvette Stingray with four Ferrari styled tailights. Sports car and economy. They proved very popular for the US market when Buick decided to launch them. Originally red with tan interior it has been repainted a few times. Interior is basic and rough but instrumentation is intact and wiring new and ok. Headlights revolve into the body out of sight.

This what you are buying in the BW stills - Rear View with 4 circular Ferrari style tailights

Rough inside and outside but no problem to panel body shop.Windscreen cracked.
Need an extensive refurbishment but not much to get it running. Maybe a battery and tunes is all that’s required.

1.9 litre engine, 4 cylinder & speed. Looks good under the engine consistent with what the sellor told me. See pic. Battery fits in nose.

Weber carb fitted. Exhaust replaced in 2001. Has sat though.

. Owner scraped the side of the car against his gateposts hence the holes in the body and never got it fixed. Strong engine I was told. Engine was reconditioned by US southern state St Louis specialist German Car Repair in early 2000s. $1400 US spent on engine.

May be limited slip diff model car

Currently has Honda City wheels on it as that stud pattern suits. Any 13” mag with Honda city stud pattern will fit this car. 100mm x 100mm I htink it is. Have orig wheels and but only 3 white logo tyres.

Rust holes in odd places, gouges are due to scraping a gate post. Will need panel repair and you have sound car.


Car has sat for about eight years.I have pics from the wharf on arrival but just BW here.Rust evident on wheel arches in pics. Odd dents here and there.

Have better colour pics but not on me at present

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Re: Not A Bike But - Old German Made Sportscar For Sale

Postby CraigOfMarshall on Sat 26/Sep/09 2:48pm

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Re: Not A Bike But - Old German Made Sportscar For Sale

Postby dicks-naughty-account on Sat 26/Sep/09 5:59pm

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Re: Not A Bike But - Old German Made Sportscar For Sale

Postby contrabipedalist on Sat 26/Sep/09 6:14pm

NO scam and yes a genuis at work alright ( :
It s roughie but look at the possibilties...
low entry price.. drop a V8 in it etc.
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