Re: Norway Declares War On Internet Explorer 6

Postby Joel on Tue 24/Feb/09 5:20pm

wachtourak wrote:
CaptainCaveman wrote:I use IE7 dickwit :lol:

The cumguzzlers browser of choice.

that word rolls off the tongue quite well
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"Style over speed"
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Re: Norway Declares War On Internet Explorer 6

Postby j2hyde on Tue 24/Feb/09 6:13pm

Spokes wrote:All charges for everything should be the same.

Yes. After all a crime is a crime. Why bother having inefficent distinctions between different types of crime - waste of time.

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Re: Norway Declares War On Internet Explorer 6

Postby CrustyMTB on Tue 24/Feb/09 8:50pm

CaptainCaveman wrote:
CrustyMTB wrote:
CaptainCaveman wrote:The problem is that web developers are struggling to give the market what they want, or rather, they've already done it and as a consequence have become too focused on technowank and 'features' no-one asked for or wants. IE6 works fine for most people on most sites. Unfortunately there are now too many self-indulgent bullshit sites (this one included) that try to adopt the latest wanktastic 'features' like channels when what they should be focusing on is bringing quality content to their site. Is Vorb really a better site for the addition of all the latest techno-trinkits? I don't think so. The site still looks amateurish with its crappy graphics, bollocks layout, and annoying adverts and who other than the socially inept techno-nerds really give a crap about channels? IE7? Meh, where's the 'Irrelivant Shit' channel?
If you don't like this site then why don't you fuck off and stay gone, instead of lurking like a paedo at a school sports day, and "popping up" when you get aroused...

If you ever had anything relevant, or interesting to say I'd think you were amusing, but you come across on the net as a sad, negative prick who like to pick a fight then fucks off rather than face the music, so why don't you just get gone for good.

xxoo Crusty :D

Na, I like poking stupid wankers like you with the 'poo stick' too much. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. I use IE7 dickwit :lol:
I may be a stupid wanker but at least I know one end of a stick from another. Shoo now.
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Re: Norway Declares War On Internet Explorer 6

Postby Dazzle on Mon 23/Mar/09 9:51am

Together We Will Win
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