Nieuwrode Kermesse 117km- 10th June 2009

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Name of event: Nieuwrode Kermesse 117km

Date of event: Wednesday 10<sup>h</sup> June 2009 6:00pm start

Means of transportation: Ride to the start

Athletes:                             Staff:
Marc RyanDirector sportif/coach/Doctor:
Shem RogerDamian Marsh
Myron SimpsonManager:
Aaron GateCorey Williams
Shane Archbold Siohhan / Logan
Tom ScullyConsultant
Jason ChristieJerard Stock

General notes:

  • Weather forecast  21c - Sun/Showers
  • 17km ride to the start.


Reporter: Jeraldo Riviera, CyclingCorrespondent Bici Sport Italy

Good evening ladies and gentleman of NewZealand, I have had the pleasure of meeting your glorious New Zealand TrackCycling Endurance Team here at the Nieurode Kermesse held tonight here inBelgium where I am currently holidaying and taking a bit of a break fromcovering the biggest bike races in the world .

The race tonight was a pretty big thing forthe local folk of the small town of Nieuwrode (as it is for any town holding aKermesse in Belgium). The race tonight was held on a pretty nuggety  7km circuit that was a mixture of twistingnarrow roads, some lumpy climbs and the finishing straight leading to the localtavern (surprise surprise bike racing and beer are held in the highest esteemhere in Cycling Central and I'm sure that at least 40% of there annual turnover gets put through the till tonight). With the bike racing and beer comes athe big crowd and they range from young kid's who come along to get autographsfrom their local hero's ,to the die hard ex cycling diehards and their 1940'ssuper model trophy wife's.

The New Zealand team for tonight's big bunfight was made up of Marc Ryan (Dream), Shane Archbold (Novie), Tom Scully (TheScud), Jason Christie (JC), Shem Roger (The Shemenator), Aaron Gate (Gatey),Myron Simpson (Jose ) and they were assisted by Corey Williams (Corballs)manager, Dr Damian Marsh (Martian) with some guest appearances from JerardStock, Logan Hutchins and Shubs O'Brian in the feed zone.

As I've said bike racing in Belgium ispretty serious stuff for a country that wouldn't have a clue who the All Blacksare and the Kiwi boys experienced that 1<sup>st</sup> hand when the local headhoncho told the lads at the last moment that they couldn't ride their nationaljersey's which posed a bit of a problem as none of them had brought other tops.At the last moment he told them that they could ride if they turned theirjersey's inside out and the boys set about getting it sorted as the race rolledoff and into the distance. Marc and Jason didn't get their kit sorted in timeand were well and truly left stranded so decided to pull the pin and ride the25km home while the other boys made it onto the pack by the skin of thereteeth.

It was about then that the rain set in andthe temperature dropped a few degrees to resemble the current conditions backin New Zealand. This didn't seem to phase the boys and first to show his nosewas Tom Scully who was driving it off the front in a small group of 5 with thebunch in hot pursuit 10 seconds down and looking pretty frisky. Lap two and Tomwas still of the front and taking the heat off the other lads but the pack wasstarting to take note and set about bringing them back.

At this stage, of the hundred starters,about 40 of the willing had shut it down and headed for the showers at thelocal football club and the kiwi Lads were looking after themselves in thebunch on a course which demanded that you sit in the top quarter of the pack tostay out of trouble.

Next to fire their jets was Shem and Aaronwho tracked another move off the front in what was proving to be a race with nolet up. At this stage of the race the top local teams were busy sending ridersoff the front in an effort to establish a break that would stick until thefinish and impress the masses of supporters lining the circuit (Yip even in therain they are still out and going hard out yelling and screaming!!!!!) and theboys were representing the inside out New Zealand jersey with pride and showingthe locals that they were there to race.

Myron decided at the halfway mark that hehad had enough of the rain and grit and was done for the day and keen to saveit for the big "Inter Club" this coming Saturday

With 7 laps to go Shem had some breakingproblems and went straight instead of negotiating a hard right hander on theback of the circuit. By the time Shem got going again the gap to the chargingbunch was far too large to close and he had to call it a day.

Meanwhile back in the bunch Aaron wascoming into his own and going after everything that was going off the front,Tom was starting to feel his efforts from the 1<sup>st</sup> half of the raceand called it a day, Shane on the other hand was doing what he had to to stayup at the business end of the race and conserve some energy for the last coupleof laps.

With 3 laps to go Aaron had emptied thetank completely after a big day out on the bike and pulled into the pits to getsome warm clothing on which left Shane the sole Kiwi representative in thefield. It was then that Shane gave the pit crew probably the strangest requestthat they had ever heard at a bike race "I could murder some potatoe chips,well he was out there in the cold, wet and maybe he was a little tuckered outso with that the support crew sprung into action and handed up a bottle and apacket of salt and vinegar's from the back of the van. "Boom" Shane wasrevitalised and looking for a ways to deal with the remaining 20 riders.

This wasn't going to be an easy task asbecause the race had been extremely hard that meant that the riders left incontention were all top notch riders and wanting to win at all costs. Riderswere splintering off the front all the time and a group of seven formedthemselves with two laps to go and the remaining riders in the front grouplooked to Shane and a couple of the other riders to close down the gap. Thiswas no mean task and coming into the finishing straight for the last time theyhad all but shut it down but not quite and Shane ended up ninth which was anexcellent effort on what was a very cold, wet and hard day at the office.

Nextup this Saturday is the Moorsele Interclub which by all accounts will be theunofficial world champs of Belgium Cycle Biking, stay tuned cyclingfans!!!!!!!!  



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