Nice People For A Change

Postby Klarkash-ton on Mon 20/Mar/17 11:15am

I get my fair share of un-ncessarily angry motorists, general plonkers who pull to the left to cut down space as you're going by them (yes, I know it's illegal but even the police usually give you space), or some other nonsense. Make you forget the other 99% of motorists who are fairly nice or maybe just ambivalent. So here is a tale of woe made good by generous people.

Last Thursday morning was a beautiful day for commuting in Wellington. I set off from Kapiti in the dark and was up and over Paekak Hill on the way to Wellington, surpised by an increase in car traffic on this route. On the lovely descent, doing maybe 40kph with no room to move out I came around a corner straight into a pothole big enough to flat both tires. Bugger. Usually I have tow spare tunes and a puncture repair kit, but I used the puncture repair kit to fix my sons flat the previous night and it was still in the lounge. And for some reason I only had one tube i the backpack. Double bugger, perhaps more.

I really had no idea what I was going to do, but almost immediately a motorist, Pete, pulled over to see if I was alright and offered a lift to the Hutt. Seriously???? He was going to central Hutt, so dropped me near cycle science, but we didn't actually know where it was and I was getting a bit chilled so I stepped into Shine Cafe on Waterloo Road for coffee and directions. The lady at the counter asked how my ride was going so I laughed and said, "could be better, got a double puncture". She said, "Oh, no, that's terrible, have a free coffee".

So a free ride and a free coffee. Can't complain about that :)

Next time you're in the Hutt and need a coffee, give Shine your support!
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Re: Nice People For A Change

Postby jo on Mon 20/Mar/17 11:38am

Nice people are all around. Sometimes we just have to give them the opportunity to show it.
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Re: Nice People For A Change

Postby dwgknz on Mon 20/Mar/17 11:55am

I think there are plenty of nice people about too but we, or at least me personally, never slow down enough to actually see and appreciate them.

My father in law (80 from Canada) came over and arrived the week before last. He'd been planning to rent a car and drive around Northland but heard the storm was coming and had a sore shoulder so jumped on a plane to Kapiti instead. After he arrived he started walking to or place about 20 minutes away. Ran into a couple and asked if there was a Westpac ATM at beach shops. They said no, but they had nothing else to do so would drive him up to the mall where there was one. It's about 5km away. Then after he was sorted he asked the lady at the bank where the bus stop was, lady behind him said don't worry I've got nothing better to do I'll drop you back down the beach. He's probably spoken to more strangers in the last couple of weeks than I have in 5 years. Was really pleased by how well the community looked after, not that he needed it, he maybe aging but he's still a hard Nova Scotian. He drives a tow truck for my brother in law to keep himself busy.

Our lives are just so busy sorting stuff out for kids and work we don't really get time to stop and chat to others.
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