Postby Colin on Wed 12/Nov/08 11:39pm

Meh, some people on the internet said some good stuff.

You are the one that set the goal, got out and did the training, and went out and NAILED THAT SUCKER.

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Postby scatter on Thu 13/Nov/08 9:48am

Nice work Nessie!
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Postby psychavoc on Thu 13/Nov/08 9:53am

Great stuff Nessie :) 6 hours on a bike is a long time to be riding, especially after only 12 weeks of riding :thumbsup:

If you get a chance to write a full "race" report, I'd love to read it :)
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Postby thorg on Thu 13/Nov/08 10:54am

Hope you managed to show your smile to all the people who said it couldnt be done :D

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Postby nessie on Thu 13/Nov/08 12:14pm

There were one or two people who I think were looking forward to saying "told you so" that it couldn't be done.

During the less enjoyable parts of the ride (of which there weren't many) I just kept reminding myself that every turn of the pedals was getting me closer to the end. I also mentally broke it down to a 60km and a 100km event, that way I knew I could do both and it made it less daunting.

The things that worked really well for me:
keeping a pretty comprehensive training diary (this kept me focused)
using a hydro-pack (I know its not cool but then I drank more, was safer to be around and had no cramp). I also had two bottles of just water which was great as someone lost one of their only two bottles very early on and I was able to give them one of mine.
using a tri-bag thing into which I cut up energy bars etc (also much easier to get at which helped me eat more)
only focussing on cadence and not speed or time/ distance travelled. I knew from locations approximately where I was but I also knew I struggle a bit around the 80km mark before I get a second wind and I hate watching the odo tick over.
keeping a reasonable expectation of myself and remembering why I was there.
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Postby The_Fashion_Police on Tue 25/Nov/08 4:02pm

I'm just trying this out, I couldn't post in the top thread lets see if this works
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Postby psychavoc on Tue 25/Nov/08 4:05pm

Welcome to Vorb Mr Fashion Police! The top thread in this forum is "locked" so no-one else can post in it. Feel free to start your own thread by hitting the "new topic" button :thumbsup:
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Postby Robbie on Tue 25/Nov/08 4:07pm

The_Fashion_Police wrote: I'm just trying this out, I couldn't post in the top thread lets see if this works

Hello :)
great Mo, there are a few Movember's work in that one :D
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Postby The_Fashion_Police on Tue 25/Nov/08 4:20pm

lol thank you. Although, it's not really me of course! I don't think I could grow one that good with a whole year of Movembers.

Anyway, I'm in West Auckland, ride a bit at Woodhill and Riverhead and in town on my fixy. Keep hearing about Vorb and thought I'd check it out :thumbsup:
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