Newbie Arrived In Nz

Postby sanspareil on Fri 18/Jul/08 5:44pm

Hi, just emigrated from UK (Cardiff) to Wellington :) . Into road/off road but all (4) of my decent bikes are in a container somewhere arriving Sept :( Bought an Avanti hardtail to get my fix! Riding Makara, Redrocks, Tip track etc great stuff but find drivers come sooooooooooo close, thought it was bad in the UK. Had a near wipeout today with 'white van man', they seem to be an international hazard. Looking forward to meeting folks and doing so much more in the very near future.
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Postby radical_edward on Fri 18/Jul/08 5:55pm

It is presumed that white van man disease was introduced from the UK by the arrival of a Commer or Bedford van that had been driven by a factory worker that was a disease carrier. Hence all the biosecurity signs in the airport/borders these days.
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White Van Syndrome

Postby sanspareil on Mon 21/Jul/08 3:01pm

Yes, I somehow knew it would all be 'our' fault..... :p
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Postby ThingOne on Mon 21/Jul/08 3:06pm

Welcome to Welly...!
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Postby DaveAldred on Mon 21/Jul/08 4:05pm

Hi Sandspariel.

you have a weird username.

Send me an email to my username at gmail. I will get you added to the Wellington region email spam which has details of some rather excellent fortnightly rides. A thread about the last one is down the page called "PNP Wellington Social Ride" or similar.

Welcome. Cheers.

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Postby RJM on Thu 9/Oct/08 12:26pm

What are you riding ?
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Bike Of Mine

Postby sanspareil on Thu 9/Oct/08 3:52pm

Hi, I have Mongoose Teocali Super (FS), Santa Cruz Chameleon (HT) and Giant TCR Alliance flat bar road bike plus loads and loads of odds and ends. They arrive this Saturday but we have been informed that our container has been damaged in transit so not sure yet if bikes have survived :(
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Postby beeftech on Thu 9/Oct/08 4:03pm

how does Wgtns trails compare to your hometown trails??

and welcome to vorb
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Postby sanspareil on Thu 9/Oct/08 4:59pm

Thanks for the heads up. Trails in UK tend to be focussed around trail heads with good facilities. Was living in South Wales which has some of the finest trails in the world. Discovered the signpost to Coed y Brenin, my old stomping ground in Wales, atop Makara peak, made me feel very homesick. Had good ride along gravel road from Eastbourne today, having a rest from the hills around here!
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Postby RJM on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:44am

Thought about Road biking instead ?
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Postby RussS on Mon 13/Oct/08 7:51am

sanspareil wrote:having a rest from the hills around here!

Crap Boy-O .... you are in the wrong part of the country if you want respite from Hills :p
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