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Postby kleinboy on Thu 16/Jul/09 10:16pm


Well, the Garage......

1st up - Middleburn cranks 94 bcd/175mm for the 29er.

After reading an article inDirt Rag (which I can't find online, but try this instead)I thought the 20/30/40 chainrings would bring the gearing back into the range I can pedal....
I put out an ABP to all the bike shops we deal with thru work and had the offer of these gems, if I had something cool to swap in a 170mm, which I did (Suntour XC Pro).
Blackspire came to the party with the chainrings - thanks for the hook up Aaron
Needed a wider bottom bracket - yes, square taper and looks promising so far.
Front Derailleur still needs some attention to drop it down and I may have to relent and make the Struthers family just a bit more financial.


Next is the new 15mm QR Hadley front hub to complement the 2010 FOX F29 forks.

Solving the issue of how to how to hold the wheel in the truing stand - thanks to a few knackered Specialized Brain reservoir Imageinternals we have a solution...

</div></div>A new standard for headsets meant some oversized cups on loan from the Barnyard.Image

The loose caged balls were stuffed so a new set of Hope sealed races top and bottom means my rough as guts headset curse might have taken a turn...(no pun intended)

Oh, it's on a new Intense Tracer VP frame with a bunch of new components on the drivetrain and brakes.


For those trainspotters out there - the white polytetraflouroethylene white washer between grip and shifter is indeed a Fox Float shock glide ring.

After all this fettling I deserve a nice sunny day without inversion layer cloud coverand something warmer than 2-3 degrees.

This is the first winter I feel like it's so freaking cold that leaving the bike parked up for a while longer looks like an option.


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