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New Bike Thoughts?

Postby nolzey on Tue 28/Nov/17 11:11pm

Hey team, been out of the mountain bike game for too long and am looking at purchasing a Merida one twenty 500 off the Facebook Group NZ MTB Sales, that i'm sure most of you are all on!

The bike is cheap, seems to have reasonable components and looks in decent enough condition. I know they're primarily XC bikes, but has anyone had any experiences with them? My primary use would be to climb up the trails then ride down more downhill styled trails, hitting the jumps etc as I gain my bike balls back. Perhaps even a trip to the lift at Rotorua would be on the cards.

So to summarise, what's everyones thoughts on a Merida One Twenty 500. At a price point of about a grand are there any other alternatives that would be able to handle a little bit of abuse? Would look at replacing the stem to a smaller one, and removing front gears to be more enduro.
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Re: New Bike Thoughts?

Postby Astoria Paranoia on Tue 28/Nov/17 11:49pm

Nah, geo on them isn't that good for more dh styled trails.
Pretty steep in the head angle so won't be the most stable for when you gain more speed and hit drops and jumps.
Not really designed for that sorta thing so won't survive long.

Got a link?
What's the price point?
Astoria Paranoia
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Re: New Bike Thoughts?

Postby nolzey on Tue 28/Nov/17 11:53pm

its 800. fully stock components, 2015.
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Re: New Bike Thoughts?

Postby dwgknz on Wed 29/Nov/17 9:40am

Not a bad review for a cheap short travel bike.

Be good as a basic trail bike but definitely not for jumping.
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