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Re: New Android App - Thoughts??

Postby Dougal on Tue 23/May/17 8:29pm

Conners wrote:Are you worried about your data in terms of keeping secret tracks secret? Or in a big brother watching where you are kind of way?

If it's the former, any ride can be marked as private on Strava.
If it's the latter, I suggest big brother has more import things to worry about than a few squiggles on the landscape around Central :)

Pretty sure the paid version of Strava lets you export GPX or some such format.

I like to keep my data private. Strava (pretending to be private or not) doesn't interest me in any way.
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Re: New Android App - Thoughts??

Postby mfw on Tue 23/May/17 11:04pm

Conners wrote:It also links to Relive, which gives you a video projection of your ride - which can be pretty cool.

You need pics for the full effect :)
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Re: New Android App - Thoughts??

Postby poodleboy on Wed 24/May/17 12:46pm

The tracks you create are stored as an encoded polyline, just a series of numbers and letters which correspond to set of longitude and latitude coordinates . Exporting to a GPX file sounds like a good idea. I'll look at adding that as a feature. And a separate button to upload to the public database. At the moment your tracks won't show up publicly
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