Postby KiwiJohn on Thu 28/Mar/02 2:42am

I've just read a few of the old messages... especially the string about the name change.

What a shame the wonderful world of MTB's has been tainted by the sort of self serving wannabe that has to have the world his own way...

If that's the sort of thing he feels needs to be inflicted on his fellow MTB'ers, I feel sorry for him.

Anyway, you poms don't mind being called poms do you? Pom pom pom tiddly pom...
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Postby KiwiJohn on Thu 28/Mar/02 9:14pm

Our office historian tells me the origin of Pom, comes from:
Prisoner Of Her Majesty.... POHM - POM

I'll check that!
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Postby Jono on Fri 29/Mar/02 8:42am

We've been through this all before, but from my perspective, the really sad bit about it was

a) the person complaining wasn't in britain
b) the person wasn't english (he was of scottish descent, if I remember correctly).

I mean, if the scots or welsh can't poke fun at the english, who can?  :sly:
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Postby Tama on Sat 30/Mar/02 12:00am

I dug up this old e-mail I sent to AJ about the meaning of the word Pom

...I must admit this has sparked many interesting discussions among my friends/ workmates/ family about the offensiveness of the word "Pom" and it's actual meaning.  The Oxford dictionary doesn't seem to have a clue - it makes guesses at "Prisoner Of Mother England" - "Permit Of Migration Ireland or England" - "Pommes" (potatoes) - "Pompey" (naval slang for Portsmouth) and even Pommegranate...

So there we go - many possiblities...
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Postby KiwiJohn on Wed 3/Apr/02 1:11am

Aaah yes... it makes me wonder you know...

Anyway, on to better things.
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