Mystery Frame

Postby c.h.u.d on Tue 20/Mar/12 7:09pm

Got this via trademe a while ago, was thinking of a paint job and thought I'd field any suggestions as to the make. It came to me with some homemade Eddie Soens stickers. Seemed a little too good to be true (for $60) and I have my doubts. Thought I'd see what the internet had to say. Came as a bit of a mongrel, with a mix of 105, 400ex, modolo, campag. Has tange headset and 68mm english BB. Takes a 26.4 seat post. Has 128mm rear spacing. Has a rattlecan paint job but down the seat tube and steerer tube there is a bit of what may have been the original blue paint. Been looking at some old Avantis Tarinis and Bauers but aint found a match. Any gurus out there? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Rear dropouts have an upside down C on them and Serial#: KS0000818
Seat tube C-T= 55
Top C-C=57
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Re: Mystery Frame

Postby Simonius_Titius on Wed 21/Mar/12 1:38am

That reversed C on the lugs must be a known mark, I couldn't see anything with a quick search except that the large maker Akisu in Japan was known for having a reversed "C" in the serial number.

I guess the age between 1983-93. It could probably be narrowed down quite a bit.

128mm spacing is half way between 126m=6,7speed (which is what I would have guessed) and 130mm 8+ speed, so unless it was respaced later 1990-92 looks likely.
Eight speed hub introduction:
1990 Dura-Ace
1992 Ultegra
1993 105, RX100

The serial number looks like Nishiki format except it has one extra digit. K would mean made by Kawamura for the US market, and S meant pre-1976.

Measure the hanger length centre - centre. From a few bikes of that age I measured:
24mm Italian
26mm Suntour and Simplex (Suntour Accushift required 24-28mm)
28, 30mm Shimano, two examples.

Look up inside the steerer, see if it is splined and if so, how many splines.

Loosen and wobble the seat post, sometimes this shows whether the seat tube is plain guage or butted at the top.
Flick the downtube and top tube with a fingernail. The sound is messed up easily by cables etc but thinwall tubing is quite distinctive sounding.

The maker and an open-format date should be stamped on the side of the steerer and the seat post, and the handlebar, usually on one end.

Two-letter date codes are on all Shimano and most Suntour components of that time.
First letter Shimano 1990 = O, Suntour 1984 = A.
Second letter is the month, A=January.
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Re: Mystery Frame

Postby c.h.u.d on Sun 1/Apr/12 11:30am

ah... AKISU 89 F CR-MO. Hangar is 28mm. Steerer doesn't have any splines.
after a quick google it seems that by 89 they were making bikes for quite a few companies and did mostly BMX stuff. Cheers for the input. Seems it will forever remain a mystery.
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Re: Mystery Frame

Postby lapse on Sun 1/Apr/12 5:19pm

It looks similar to the Avanti Super Sprint frame in my garage. Maybe check those out
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Re: Mystery Frame

Postby c.h.u.d on Mon 2/Apr/12 7:19pm

yeah I've been fingering avanti dropouts all over town but aint felt that c on any of em or seen similar lugs. Was thinking it may have been one of those world rider sigma's. Suppose I should stop googling, put it back together and actually ride it
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Re: Mystery Frame

Postby neels on Mon 2/Apr/12 10:07pm

It's different to my world rider sigma, it has the cables running through the bottom bracket housing, the dropouts and seat clamp are different and it has a 105 headset



Looks similar to my avanti sprint, but no C on the dropouts, and only one letter/6 digits in the serial no. Has a Tange headset and a similar seatpost clamp...



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