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Postby Henry Dorset Case on Mon 7/Feb/05 2:32pm

I just got Drive By Truckers "The Dirty South"....

sort of whiskeytown-ish (from the rockier part of their catalogue, with overtones of Lynrd Skynrd, and some great lyrics.

Kick ass rock n roll with a country-ish tinge.

Who else has listened to something cool lately they would like to share?
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Postby bugle on Mon 7/Feb/05 2:39pm

The Mint Chicks new single RAWKS
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Postby lubie on Mon 7/Feb/05 3:09pm

I've recently discovered Kora. Actually off a 'Roots Compliation' album that I was listening to at ROOL GROOVIE one day, but I also like their EP. Very laid back and mellow, but good tunes.
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Postby honeymonster on Mon 7/Feb/05 3:34pm

Johnny Cash
American Recordings 4: When the man comes around
Great album of cash songs and covers stripped down to the bare essentials (including Hurt - the best version of this song that has or will ever be recorded).

Any minute now
Belgian indie rock. These are the guys behind 'Too Many DJ's', their third album and possibly the best yet.
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Postby james on Mon 7/Feb/05 3:44pm

The Flaming Lips : Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

its 2 or three years old but I only got it after the BDO last year.


Billy Bragg & Wilco : Mermaid Avenue

MERMAID AVENUE is a collection of previously unrecorded Woody Guthrie lyrics exhumed from the Woody Guthrie Archives and set to music by Billy Bragg and Wilco at the invitation of Guthrie's daughter Nora
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Postby Henry Dorset Case on Mon 7/Feb/05 3:44pm

.American 4 is brilliant.

Last months* Mojo had Johnny on the cover, and came with a CD of cash covers which was mostly pretty good..... Steve Earle doing "John Wesley Hardin", and a reggae version of Ring of Fire which works really well.
Henry Dorset Case
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Postby jeremyb on Mon 7/Feb/05 5:12pm

w3rd to American 4, Live @ Folsom Prison, JC is tha man!

Johnny Cash, Futon, The Faint, Rob Halford, Judas Priest, Shapeshifter, G'n'R, Happy Mondays, Pitchshifter, Minuit, Linkin Park, Voivod, Refused, and many more are all on my playlist at the moment.
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Postby wachtourak on Mon 7/Feb/05 5:13pm

The new Judas Priest album thats not out yet, muhahahaa
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Postby Bigfoot on Mon 7/Feb/05 5:15pm

bob marley - legend
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Postby Friendly Llama on Mon 7/Feb/05 5:23pm

I just picked up the managers - special.
NZ music, a ska/reggae mix, great summer music.
Never really listened to ska before, but this is quite classy.
Friendly Llama
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Postby Henry Dorset Case on Mon 7/Feb/05 5:47pm

if you like that ska, then you might like.......the early 60's jamaican ska. I have a lot of V/A comps but Toots & the Maytals (theres a 20 classic hits which is good and has liner notes) Desmond Dekker, Skatalites etc. Lee Perry, Joe Gibbs etc etc... labels are Trojan, Island etc....

you can move from there into the 70's british ska and 2 Tone stuff: Specials, Selecter, the Beat (NOT Madness or UB40) as well.

it started for me with the Clash doing "Police and Theives" and "Pressure Drop" both of which are covers: one is by Junior Murvin (the original version is on the Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels soundtrack album BTW) and Toots respectively.

respec' mon !
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Postby PhilterNZ on Mon 7/Feb/05 6:07pm

Yardbirds double CD from Warehouse for 6.99

It is so cool, one the best 60's R n B bands (and the predecesor of Led Zep...) plus Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck were lead guitarists art one stage.
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Postby Dinsy on Mon 7/Feb/05 6:08pm

ive been listening to murder city devils & black rose
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Postby |ncary on Mon 7/Feb/05 6:10pm

I've been discovering the joys of Guns 'N Roses, brilliance
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Postby Dinsy on Mon 7/Feb/05 6:23pm

are they new?
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