Re: Muriwai Beach

Postby Sims on Mon 17/Aug/15 2:28pm

Head out to Muriwai and park next to the free public tennis courts. From there, ride down the gravel road and then jump over the wire fence on your right. You'll be able to follow a little grass track on the other side of the wire fence. Before to long you'll spot a trail or two heading off up into the young pines. Pick a trail and start exploring!

I've always accessed it as a 'push up - bomb out' kinda place. If you're feeling keen, you can ride all the way down the gravel road, hang a right near the end, and ride up another gravel road up into the pines. But its harder to find the trails this way.

While i wouldn't normally endorse walking up DH trails, the area is usually pretty quiet. I make sure that i scope the carpark to see if anyone else is already out, then just keep and ear out for anyone rattling down.

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Re: Muriwai Beach

Postby jimmi71 on Mon 17/Aug/15 8:36pm

adikt wrote:I never even knew there were trails out there.

Is there a site with info about them?

There's been trails at Muriwai for about 15 - 20 years. Very much on the down low and built by an awesome bunch of locals.
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Re: Muriwai Beach

Postby adikt on Mon 17/Aug/15 8:38pm

Anyone want to be a guide one weekend? Maybe this weekend? :D
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