Mtbing In The Blue Mountains

Postby Tanasi on Wed 16/Feb/11 2:33pm

Has anyone done some mountain biking in the Blue Mountains around Katoomba in Aussie? I'm thinking of heading there end of May for 2 days riding. Plan s fly to Sydney on Friday morning drive to Katoomba, ride Sat and Sunday. Back to Syndey and Auckland Monday.

Id be keen to hear about the area and any potential good riding there. I found some rides on Garmin Connect and a few tour operators offering day trips. May go for one of those.
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Re: Mtbing In The Blue Mountains

Postby jo on Wed 16/Feb/11 10:05pm

Maybe try an aussie site like or the australian part of mtbr forums.
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Re: Mtbing In The Blue Mountains

Postby mfw on Thu 17/Feb/11 6:11am

There was some great singletrack riding around there 10 years ago when I used to live there, sorry can't remember all the names of tracks off the top of my head. '6 foot track' is a nice 2 dayer but more farm tracks than singletrack,

Have fun!
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Re: Mtbing In The Blue Mountains

Postby klxracer on Thu 17/Feb/11 8:27am

Plenty of fun riding to be had in Blue Mountains, including the Oaks Fire Trail which runs pretty much from one railway station to the other - so you get to park @ the lower station and take the train up to the high point. Still enough climbing to get the blood flowing, and the odd brown snake to keep the heart beating fast.

I lived over in Sydney quite a while ago now (left in '04), but there ought to be plenty of websites with directions. There are also some epic singletrack rides in the area, but you'd be well advised to invest in a decent map, some local knowledge, and ideally a GPS. Also take plenty of water and a good first aid kit if you are going to get out into the more remote singletrack.

Oh, and watch out for drop-bears.
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Re: Mtbing In The Blue Mountains

Postby bluedogSS on Sat 19/Feb/11 7:57am

That Oaks trail is good fun - tough in parts, but some exhilirating climbing - reminded us of a very dry, orange version of 42 Traverse.
Not sure if it's better than here but sure as hell is different.
The thing you have to remember is if you get it wrong over there esp. riding alone, you could be in very big trouble.
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Re: Mtbing In The Blue Mountains

Postby Trail on Sat 19/Feb/11 8:40am

If you sign up to Big Blue you might be able to find someone from there to show you around too.

It is a site where you can connect with local riders from around the world and get locals to show you the tracks.
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