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Craig.... Please.....
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Postby dented on Mon 24/Nov/08 1:31pm

Have been evaluating over the past 4 weeks, and have decided not to continue it. But am hopeful of getting some Monday night racing going up at Summerhill starting next Monday, but need to talk to Karl Young first, still lambing season so will need to use the 'GT' trail, but looking to run a multi-lap format, and the race to last 1 - 1.5 hours (so, somthing like 5-6 laps for men, 4-5 laps ladies, 3-4 laps Juniors, something along those lines). But this will require at least 2 volunteers each night, and I wont start it until I have commitments from people that they will do this every Monday night thru Summer, or if they cant, then THEY will find replacements.
There will need to be some trail markers placed before racing starts each night, and removed at the end too.

In other words, Im happy to organise it, but I will need other club members to step up. Up to this point I have been against 'rostering' people to do things, and I still am. But Im still searching for the events that the majority of club members want too. Its not easy for me to read peoples minds.

People looking in from the outside have told me to ease off the gas a bit, but Im afraid if I do that, the club will grind to halt altogether.
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