Mtb Skills Clinics Locations

Postby Gabby on Wed 18/Mar/09 8:49am

For an up to date list of available clinics please check out our site;

Most people are already aware of what the MTB Skills Clinics are but if you are new to us then have a read about what you can learn. The Phundamentals is the MTB Skills Clinics core course and focusses on the physical concepts of bike dynamics. When you are pointing a bike down a hill we figure everyone should know how to steer it and how to slow down, yet standard practice is to get in a position that removes all hope of both.

Beginners are by no means the only ones in this boat.

The Phundamentals and Trailmaster Series explain what is actually happening when you ride a bike, where to be for control and how to stabilize yourself so you don't get bounced around. Just as in surfing, snowboarding, skating, skiing etc, as soon as the rider is out of balance, their heavier weight dominates the steering and all control is lost. Can you think of anything more important than steering or being able to slow down when standing at the start of steep slippery chute? Do you actually know why you get sketchy on steep lips, why your front wheel ashes out in corners and how to fix that? Do you know that irritating feeling when you brake more than you need to before a corner or you get bucked on humps in the track. What about riding slowly down a rut in control... everyone else tells you to get off the brakes, we won't. Multiple steps in a row, off-camber, what about arm pump on a day up the DH track.... The Phundamentals helps mountainbikers pretty much everywhere, amazing but true. It is based on physics so it always works and all you need to take away from the day are three very simple concepts - so even those who consider themselves old dogs will learn new tricks.

And if you are a beginner reading this thinking I don't even know what a steep lip is, don't worry you don't need to. The Phundamentals will allow you to take up mountainbiking without multiple trips to the hospital and will give you all of the simple tools needed to learn safely and confidently. Basically, get it right from the start, don't end up with your own set of habits....

It is deceptively simple, yet surprisingly different to what you might expect... check it out or ask around.
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Re: Mtb Skills Clinics Locations

Postby psychavoc on Wed 18/Mar/09 9:42am

Nice new website! :cool:
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