Mountain Bike Games For Pc?

Postby Waatz on Sun 30/Jan/05 9:36am

ive just been playing Trial Bike (java game) on my PC and now im super keen for a DH/FR whatever cycle game, are there any out there for down load?

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Postby BrentD on Sun 30/Jan/05 10:10am

have you tried Dirt Bike. It's a motorcycle motorcross game and a hell of a laugh. Best of all it's free.

"Dirt Bike is a motorcycle simulation action game. Using complex physics, it very accurately simulates a Dirt Bike being ridden over various terrain. You design the bike and control the throttle, shifting and steering to race against other players, computer controlled bikes, and previous high scores. Registered users can create tracks of any shape including huge jumps, hill climbs, motocross, trials courses, or anything else you can imagine. Motocross riders love this game for it's riding realism."

URL is
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Postby joshua on Sun 30/Jan/05 10:49am

if you go to this link theres a pretty cool game

I am not sure if you can download it tho
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Postby konaRiDeR on Sun 30/Jan/05 3:06pm

Just played the dirt bike game. Does anyone know how to change the preferences, every time i change them the screen goes really small. The registration code is also :Jr6v12345. :D
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Postby konaRiDeR on Sun 30/Jan/05 5:02pm

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Postby BenB on Mon 31/Jan/05 12:29am

there is one game that is 17meg, dont get it its a wast of time, its called freeriders or something.
Honda bike park is quite a fun one. It has downhill bikes not honda motobikes btw
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Postby |ncary on Mon 31/Jan/05 9:18am

Elastomania! Do a google for it,

Or you download it off any filesharing application
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Postby Waatz on Mon 31/Jan/05 9:23am

Cheers for that peeps, im at a mates place on the dial up at the mo so i'll have a looksy when I get home.
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Postby samn on Mon 31/Jan/05 10:18am

elasto mainia was a kool game back in the day, not all dat long ago i downloaded a northshore freeride game of, it was fun for a bit then it got deleted :angry: but you should have a look on dat web site sometimes they have games on there kool 1z az well :)
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