Mondaynightitis. Horsey Travis Bottlo Ignoration.

Postby swtchbckr on Tue 14/Jul/09 10:53am

Only opportunity for riding for me this week was last night, so- Nelson (after a false start and ditching the single for the geared) beginning a very long ride for him, treadled over to mine and off we set, me on the single.

Headed round and hit Banks Ave singlebits, then Burwood Park into Horseshoe Lake. Took trail all way through (bit bloody mucky in the middle), with all the boardwalk kinda almost 'shorey fun. Nelson had a disagreement with a tree and ended up in the bushes, losing a light in the process (which he didnt realise til later). We exited onto New Brighton Rd, crossed over and hit the single along the river to Bassett St and headed up to Travis.

I'd never ridden through here, so we blithely ignored the "No Bikes Please" (viewing it more as a request, not an order (figuring at night, fully lit, no prob, right?)) we rode the (very sturdy well made and nicely boardwalked) track through to Tumara Park then explored our way through this slobdivision to the edge of Bottle Lake.

Found our way onto the southern circuit and fanged it through to the hilltop gazebo. short break there, headed back down the hill, then along side of the landfill (stinky! last night) to the inside loop. not far into that came upon some 'Logging, no access' signage, which we ignored and continued in. one of our favourite sections of trail now destroyed, we rode along side it til we could get back onto the usual trail, which is a fucking mess all Teddington-shitted and soggy mucky stupid mess, which slowly improved and on we went. Mostly good riding from here through. Open areas just starting to frost, on through, the bermy corners fast and having lots of traction.

Made our way out to Waitikiri carpark and headed back down Burwood Rd, Lakewood Drive and back into Horseshoe lake to find Nelson's light, which was still on, pointing down right where he crashed. continued on through thinking there'd bean exit into the burbs, only to get most of the way through and finding our way out to Jean Batten Pl, mildly disoriented, so spotted the southern cross and worked out which way to go down Liggins St, explored a wrong turn into Tasman Pl trying to get back into Horseshoe across to the park, which we found through Moncrieff Pl. Back through Burwood Park, Ajax and Archilles, hung a right on Bank's singles and home. Nelson carrying on. i was in the door at 9.25pm or so.

Hummdinger of a frost this morning...Image

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Re: Mondaynightitis. Horsey Travis Bottlo Ignoration.

Postby danose on Tue 14/Jul/09 11:28am

swtchbckr wrote:we rode along side it til we could get back onto the usual trail, which is a fucking mess all Teddington-shitted and soggy mucky stupid mess, which slowly improved and on we went

yeah, I hit that useless/retarded 'detour' out there running last weekend - someone in the council needs a kick up the bum, teddington chip is a useless 'solution' if the track doesn't shed water (just turns into a chunky bog), and more to the point making the detour shared for bikes AND runners is totally retarded - if you think it sucks (wheels) on the bike you should try running thru it (shoe eating bog). I gave up in disgust and just ignored the signs/barriers and ran around the logging
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