Calendar Event: November 6, 2010

Molesworth Muster 80km Mountain Bike Adventure Race

Postby BlueDogEvents on Fri 6/Aug/10 3:29pm

Molesworth Station to Hanmer Springs, North Canterbury
Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, The Molesworth Muster is a truly unique mountain bike adventure, from getting to the start line, to the camping overnight, the race out and its laidback friendly atmosphere. You will race through New Zealand’s largest working farm, the legendary Molesworth Station, 10,000 head of cattle and 180,000 hectares of timeless untouched landscape, following the famous stock route used for over a century to muster cattle from the station to Hanmer Springs. Experience everything you have ever heard about the high country – dramatic craggy mountains, vast valleys and stunning crystal clear rivers. The race finishes 80km later in Hanmer Springs, famous for its thermal hot pools – what better place could there be to relax after a race! Normally closed to the public, this is your once a year opportunity to saddle up and race through what is a historic and spectacular part of the South Island.
While not a technical course in mountain biking terms, this course contains plenty to keep you on your toes. The first 7km is undulating and winding, just enough to get you warmed up for the first climb, Wards Pass sitting at 1145m. It’s your first and steepest climb of the race. The descent off is steep and has a tight hairpin corner near the end. With this over early in the race you will then get a breather with 7km of flat riding across Isolated Flat which is exactly as its says – flat and isolated. At the end of this you will begin the gradual climb up onto Isolated Saddle. From here on it is a superb combination of undulating and winding road, with moderate and small hill climbs and some flat sections. You will be riding beside the beautiful Acheron River, then, at approx. 56km it converges with the Clarence River, which you will follow until the Jollies Pass Turnoff. Your final climb, 4km’s up Jollies Pass and then the steep descent, followed by a short flat ride on the road, then a dash of single track before you hit the finish shute!
Check for full race details.
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