Would you utilise a miniature velodrome?

Poll ended at Fri 12/Dec/14 11:19am

Rad, I totally would.
Great idea but I wouldn't use it.
Stupid idea, crawl back to the hole from whence you came.
No votes
Total voters : 14

Re: Miniature Velodrome?

Postby Scotty on Wed 15/Oct/14 7:18am

PinkMaggit used to be a regular on here, he runs the Dame Truth Blog

http://www.dametruth.com/blog/2010/04/a ... rack-2010/
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Re: Miniature Velodrome?

Postby Carbonz on Wed 15/Oct/14 8:59am

XCrider wrote:Find that stupid rugby ball bar that was on Manchester st... and put it in there would be rad as ... just need some bikes for others to use.. until they r hooked and have there own

Both good ideas there.

Hopefully I can garner a lot more than 7 yeses in the poll. A minidrome would be a good alternative to windtraining for winter months and make for a great social scene also.
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Re: Miniature Velodrome?

Postby murphyflair on Wed 15/Oct/14 9:13pm

How are you planning to run it, like a club, where you pay a membership? Or kinda like a bar where people go to watch/join in?
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Re: Miniature Velodrome?

Postby Carbonz on Fri 17/Oct/14 10:33am

I was thinking I would allow midweek training for the general public and run monthly competitions with lights, DJs, prizes and all the Hoohaa. A club is also a good idea and I would be open to someone establishing a club with bike storage and workshop. There wouldn't be a bar however there is one due to be built next door and there is a cafe over the road also. The 1st proposed site is in Leeston 28 mins drive from Hornby or Hallswell which could be a problem for some, yet a great many people timetrial on the roads here on Thursday nights.

I am concerned that this post has had almost 600 views and only 7 yes votes, either people don't get it or aren't into it.
Are there other people you know that I should approach for expressions on interest?
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