Mini Randonneur Ride - Or Ride To The Pub

Postby kleinboy on Sun 28/Jun/09 9:52pm

You know when you get out on your bike and then realise how farkin' cold it is ?Image
<div><div><div>But you're too far from home to turn around and grab some more gear ?Yeah, well that wasn't us today - with a predicted high of 2 degrees we already knew it was fingers burning and can't feel your toes stuff before we left my place at 10am sharp - well ok, we had a coffee first. Image
So call it 10.30.

Plan was to meander towards the Wanaka Airport via a couple of gravel roads, head down towards the Clutha River and make our way along a dual use trail to Luggate - Yes that Luggate.ImageImage

The one famous for a meat processing plant owned by Sir Tim Wallis back in the day when catching Venison by helicopter was in it's infancy. Oh, and a big red bridge and a really nice pub.
We chose the pub and beer and chips and some big rolled arm red leather couches in front of a roaring fire.Image

Fair to say we'll be returning.

One beer was a great start, so we had another - glass jug mate - beat that.I know that's not a jug in the picture, just saying the beer was carried from the bar in a glass jug. Anyway, before it turned into three and a lift home we wobbled up the hill and then a few more gravel roads to home.
Keighley had whipped up bacon, leek and potato soup with fresh bread for lunch which was, wait for it, fantastic. So although we had a good time albeit a cold one, the kids had worn the Mrs a bit thin and consequently I was not flavour of the month upon my return.Luckily we had hatched a plan whilst enjoying a beer, that one day soon, Leighton & Pauline will take the kids to an agreed location (pub I hear you say) in the truck and Keighley and I will have ridden the Tandem there.Brilliant.........well until you fill the pilot up with beer it sounds ok :-)</div></div></div>Image

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