Mfw Kiwi Brevet Fundraiser

Postby mfw on Mon 27/Jan/14 10:24pm

Ok you probably don't need to be told much about the event, I've blogged some of my build up / prep in the official thread kiwi-brevet-2014-t124779.html

My two passions in life are biking and my family, the latter don't get much of a mention here, so here is a little story. Our middle daughter, Lily, now aged 7, shook our life up when she was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. We as a family have been through some low low's on our journey, but thankfully have also enjoyed many high highs.

The big safety net that helped us through the early years was the Champion Centre - an early intervention centre which has facilitated Lily to thrive and mainstream into school, and was a soft place to fall for desperate parents when dealing with the challenges.

Now is our chance to try and give a little back, follow the links to find out a bit more:

Oh, and I like to combine my two passions, we ride bikes together :)

My darling Lily
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Re: Mfw Kiwi Brevet Fundraiser

Postby znomit on Mon 27/Jan/14 11:56pm

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Re: Mfw Kiwi Brevet Fundraiser

Postby great uncle bulgaria on Tue 28/Jan/14 7:36pm

great uncle bulgaria
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Re: Mfw Kiwi Brevet Fundraiser

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Wed 29/Jan/14 8:36am

Good on you :thumbsup:
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