Vegemite or marmite?

Both are fine, but I do know which is which
Both are fine - I can't tell them apart
I'd rather eat a kitten
I hate both, but don't dig on feline
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Re: Marmite Or Vegemite?

Postby scatter on Tue 31/May/11 4:32pm

EoinC wrote:Back in the day there used to be a shop in Ponsonby (the real pre-development Ponsonby, not the one filled with doctors & lawyers) that made its own "marmite" and sold it in biiiig jars (about 2kg). As a self-appointed global expert in fluid and semi-fluid concoctions derived in part from yeast, here is the authorised standard rating:

a.) Ponsonby's home-made "marmite" 17.3 / 10 (In my devoid-of-reality memories)
b.) Sanitarium's Marmite ( ) 10.0 / 10
c.) Kraft's Vegemite ( ... fault.aspx ) 7.8 / 10
d.) Unilever UK's Marmite ( ) 6.2 / 10
e.) Dick Smith's Aussie Mite ( ) 0.0 / 10
f.) Masterfood's Promite ( ... OMITE.aspx ) -2.4 / 10

Note 1 - Bovril, which is produced by making drain holes in farmed bovines, is not considered within the scope of this analysis.
Note 2 - Having consumed autolysised yeast products since I was a wee bairn, I have not once suffered from beri-beri, indicating what excellent kai Marmite is. When I was working in the jungles of PNG, I used to carry a jar of Vegemite (Cairns transit) to dip into throughout the day. It was about the only food that didn't get decimated by the fauna - possibly not a good sign.
Note 3 - In accordance with bilateral conventions, no scientists were harmed in this study.


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Re: Marmite Or Vegemite?

Postby Trail on Tue 31/May/11 4:37pm

E Dogg Capizzle wrote:
Trail wrote:Actually I had been wondering what to do with all the yeast at the bottom of my home brew barrel. Maybe I should be cooking it down for home made marmite??

You could stick it in a jar, market it as "craft" marmite and sell it for ten bucks a jar to snobby cunzors. Great success!


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Re: Marmite Or Vegemite?

Postby happybaboon on Tue 31/May/11 4:42pm

You could sell it with yeast in the bottom of the bottles as a precursor for make-your-own marmite, with strict instructions that they pour the beer out and dispose of it :huh:
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Re: Marmite Or Vegemite?

Postby EoinC on Tue 31/May/11 4:52pm

Trail wrote:Actually I had been wondering what to do with all the yeast at the bottom of my home brew barrel. Maybe I should be cooking it down for home made marmite??
Back in the 90's when I was working in Taranaki, there was a farmer started a commercial brewery up at White Cliffs. He used to feed the dregs to his cattle, who became very healthy and glossy, experiencing neither beri-beri nor, indeed, male pattern baldness.
Incidentally, his brews were very good, and he used to courier them to us in 2l PEP bottles. These PEP PED's made Taranaki almost bearable... No, I'm stretching the truth there. This was back before "craft" was a word in the Oxford English Dictionary, a time when we used to just rely on our taste buds to tell us if we were onto a viable path of enlightenment.
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Re: Marmite Or Vegemite?

Postby thelivo on Tue 31/May/11 10:17pm

Bovril, but the type back from before they stopped putting brains in it during the foot and mouth thing.
2nd - Kiwi Marmite.
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