Postby GloryDH0 on Wed 17/Dec/08 6:26pm

A few bits of the K-Loop DH track put together.

-18 1i 18 1i 1c -4n,-18 1j -49 1u -6u 2l -am 46 -ec 5a -ha 5q -kp 62 -oa 62,-ob 65 -op 6a -on 6e -oe 6g -o7 66 -o4 6a -ob 6g,-oe 6g -ob 63,-ol 6e -ou 6k -ou 6p -om 6p,-ol 6p -oh 6k -oh 6e,-of 6e -oa 6i -oc 6m -om 6m,-or 6o -sk 78 -uh 78,-uj 78 -vu 7g -121 89 -1aa bc -1i9 cu -1o7 d5 -1vs d5 -24i ck -272 b4 -293 8p -2a4 6r,-280 at -20v ds,-20v dd -27h bj,-27p br -20j da,-2a9 6o -2b4 6o -2b4 c5 -2di br -2ei bt -2fg cm,-2fq cm -2h7 cm -2hu 9n -2hu 80 -2ha 6c -2ha 54 -2jv 2l -2mf 28 -2o8 2l -2pj 3g -32d am -35l c2 -389 ck -3bu co -3ej cc -3ge ce -3h5 d3 -3hj dj -3ke d7 -3nf cg -3p6 ci -3qb cu -3re d5,-6nq 1vm -6s0 2ai,-46q dg -46n dg -3p0 cg,-4ca f5 -4b2 et,-46q de -46t de,-46v dg -4ea em -4ip fr -4on ib -4ve ms,-536 qn -589 uf -5ej 13h -5j1 16b -5mb 17e -5p7 17m -5t4 17o -5vk 176 -61q 15n -63h 13t -653 119 -661 111 -67c 114 -67o 11g -67r 11s -67t 12h -687 151 -687 16g -67l 16s -67l 17j -67j 182,-50u qd -50p qi,-6li 17t -6kr 172 -6kf 15n -6l5 14i -6li 135 -6la 12j -6kr 127 -6kr 11l -6kr 11e -6l3 111 -6la 10v,-703 190 -730 1av -779 1ch -7b6 1d5 -7hr 1da,-6li 17q -6kk 192 -6j7 19e -6gu 19e -6ej 194 -6dq 18v -6d4 18t -6bd 19h -69m 19c -68t 197 -67i 181,-6ku 1c8 -6ap 19e,-7hq 1db -7no 1d9 -7p8 1cs -7rg 1bp -825 18o -82h 19c -7oc 1dq -7nr 1db,-7uu 1b0 -7uu 1fm,-7t2 1bs -7t2 1c6 -7t2 1dg,-7qg 1cv -7se 1cv -7t0 1db -7u5 1eh -7uu 1fp -859 1it -88i 1k0 -8bt 1jt -8e3 1jc -8fq 1jr -8hp 1hn,-8hn 1hn -8jg 1hb -8lr 1i6 -8mf 1iq -8nb 1jt -8ns 1kf -8qr 1k7 -8ri 1jh -8s6 1ie -8s6 1hv -8s8 1gp -8sn 1g3 -8tl 1g5,-9ad 1s4 -9ea 1vk -9j3 22t -9o5 25q -9v6 27o -a6m 28h -adl 28k -arn 28k,-arm 28j -au3 28q -b1i 29o -b4n 2ak -b7v 2bc -bao 2bc -bdb 2bm -bgd 2ce -bik 2cb -bke 2ce -blm 2d7 -bq6 2ef -btr 2f1 -c25 2f4 -c7k 2er -c7k 2go -cfs 2i3 -cl2 2jb -cnl 2j8,-d5d 2o5 -d6i 2o5 -dbe 2o5 -dg6 2oc -dl2 2oa -dms 2o7 -do5 2nu -dpg 2n9 -dqv 2mg -dsd 2la -dtg 2k1 -dtp 2jo -due 2jo -dus 2k1 -dv5 2kl -dv5 2ng -duo 2nf -dur 2kn -dv4 2km -dur 2ne -dv6 2nc -duv 2kn,-dv5 2ne -e0u 2ng -e2v 2nm -e42 2no -e5b 2na -e64 2n9 -e89 2nm -e8t 2nm -eae 2ng -eal 2nf -ed9 2nb,-ev9 2nf -f3o 2o2 -f85 2o2 -fc6 2nv -fk9 2me -fkc 2nk -fqu 2nf -g4v 2oa -gav 2on -geu 2ot -gjt 2on,-h14 2pa -h46 2pa -h5b 2q0 -h6e 2qt -h8c 2qo -h9l 2po -h9t 2ov -h9t 2nn -h9t 2me -ha8 2lb -hao 2ku,-hqj 2qd -htc 2qr,-gk1 2on -gkk 2om -gl9 2oj,-gpt 2mo -gqc 2nd -gqq 2no -gr7 2nu -gu9 2ou -gvn 2pk -h14 2pa,-hap 2l0 -hi3 2nn -hqn 2qe,-gla 2oi -gmd 2o7 -gn7 2np -gnv 2n6 -goq 2mf -gpk 2lm -gqb 2kq -gra 2kg -grk 2l1 -gr1 2li -gqo 2ls -gq9 2m9 -gqn 2mk -grp 2o3,-d0k 2lg -cv9 2l8 -ct9 2l5,-cr9 2ki -coq 2jg -coe 2j9 -cnh 2j8,-edb 2na -ee4 2mo -ee5 2mf -eev 2m8,-i08 2qq -i80 2qq -i9c 2qr -i8v 2r4,-i9d 2qs -i9s 2rg -i9p 2rq -i95 2rq -i90 2s3 -i95 2sd -i9h 2sd -i9r 2s8 -i9r 2rv -i9p 2rq,-i95 2rq -i90 2rg -i90 2r4,-i94 2rq -i8s 2rf -i8i 2rf -i8e 2ro -i8f 2rv -i8r 2s6 -i91 2sc,-i8j 2rf -i8f 2ra -i8i 2r3 -i8q 2qv -i99 2qr,-hta 2qs -i0j 2qp,-i75 2s1 -ia9 2sj -ics 2sj -iib 2sb,-jbd 36b -jdo 36q -jg6 372 -jjp 372 -jne 36l -jq6 35l -jsj 33r -jui 31g -jvd 301 -k0b 2vp -k1j 2vp -k3f 2vp -k5t 2vp -k5l 2v5 -k5v 2uk -k6m 2uu -k6c 2vd -k5t 2vn,-k5t 2uh -k5g 2tm -k67 2tc,-k6o 2u0 -k6t 2uk -k6m 2um,-k69 2t7 -k6r 2u2 -k6m 2up,-k6c 2t4 -k6h 2t4 -klj 2u5 -km0 2uc -km7 2v0 -klt 2v5 -k6o 2tt -k6t 2uf -km0 2vs -kma 2vk -km7 2va -klm 2v0,-km2 2vp -kgo 30b -ke6 30b -kaj 306 -k8k 301 -k6j 303 -k5q 2vp,-klo 2u5 -kuo 2um -l47 2v8 -l8q 30d -le4 32h -lj4 35s -lo4 387 -lt7 3a3 -m24 3b1 -m6t 3be -md0 3bg -mqo 37o -mqo 38f -md5 3bq -md5 3bg,-mjs 3a6 -mjp 3ce -mj5 3ce -mj8 3ab,-mql 38h -mql 3cc -mpg 3cc -mpn 38k,-mpi 3bt -mp1 3bt -mp6 38m,-mj5 3bt -mim 3bv -mir 3ag,-med 3bg -mg6 3bj -mhr 3bq -mja 3c9 -mks 3c9 -mm9 3c4 -mmt 3c4 -mnf 3c4 -mnr 3bv -mok 3bt -mpl 3c9 -ms7 3ch -mv6 3ch -n12 3c9 -n2p 3be -n3v 3ai -n4j 39s -n57 38r -n67 38u -n6f 39f -n5h 39i -n52 395,-n6h 39a -n83 39f -n8n 3a6 -n8v 3aq -n94 3bo -n9o 3cj -ndq 3e0 -ng7 3e0 -nhs 3du,-46u dc -48g d7 -49q cq -4b5 c4 -4ca ap,-4ft em -4ft er,-4a9 ct -4c3 b6,-4fr f0 -4fr ep,-4cb aq -4dc 9i -4dq 9e -4eo 9u -4ei a8 -4ds a8 -4de 9s -4da 9m,-4eq 9u -4fc aq -4fc bf -4fc c1 -4fa cl -4fa dd -4em dl -4eu eb -4g6 f7,-4vf mt -50r nu -564 su,-56p tj -549 ra,-540 r8 -576 to,-552 rt -5a9 102 -54q rm,-eeb 2me -edn 2m4 -ed8 2m8 -edb 2ml -ee4 2mn,-edp 2m1 -ef6 2m9 -edk 2m3,-6lc 110 -70c 196,-8tj 1g5 -9at 1sh,-ct9 2l4 -cr6 2ki,-d0k 2lg -d2r 2mm -d3r 2n5 -d58 2nn -d6b 2o1 -d79 2o4,-ej6 2kf -ek2 2kk -el6 2l0 -emn 2ll -eod 2ma -epu 2mo -erk 2n2 -evm 2nh,-epm 2mt -erm 2n6,-ej9 2kd -egc 2l9 -edb 2m7,-egc 2l9 -eg5 2lo -eft 2m9 -efc 2mj -eeb 2mj -egc 2l9,-nhn 3dr -ni1 3du,-os5 3js -p2c 3l1 -p6a 3lm -paq 3m2 -pfq 3m2,-pfp 3m0 -pfs 3m0 -qrb 3m0,-jbe 36a -j7t 354 -j3r 333 -j06 30t -irb 2u6 -img 2sr -ii6 2sa,-mbt 3be -mgc 3ai,-meb 3b4 -mae 3bg,-dbi 2ob -d3l 2od,-dbf 2og -d41 2nl,-db7 2o4 -d4o 2nv,-dbe 2oo -d36 2nb,-d30 2mt -d7b 2ob,-d34 2n6 -d81 2oc,-d38 2nc -dc2 2or,-d40 2np -d9t 2o4,-no1 3bn -os9 3jt,-ni0 3dt -ni8 3e6 -ni8 3fr -ni0 3gr -njb 3hn -nkn 3h6 -nlq 3fp -nlj 3em -nll 3e2 -nmc 3d6 -nmf 3cq -nme 3ca -nme 3c6 -nna 3bi -no8 3bp,-525 p2 -530 pg -541 pm -58q uq#9 -2q 8 1h,9 -2p -5s -2o -5r -1k 6 -1k,-5d -2g -5d -1u,-5d -26 -57 -2d,-5c -29 -57 -1v,-50 -2c -4u -1v -4p -21,-4d -2c -4g -25 -4b -20,-4c -20 -48 -27,-49 -26 -4c -2c,-45 -27 -40 -2d -3s -27 -44 -21,-44 -22 -45 -2a,-3n -2d -3n -22,-3n -2c -3h -29 -3n -28,-2f -2i -2h -1q,-57 -26 -52 -26,-2f -2g -26 -23,-25 -23 -2g -1q,-1v -2i -1v -1p,-1v -24 -1m -2d,-1l -2k -1m -1u,-qmr 3ge -qmr 3m0,-qmr 3ge -pm9 3g9 -pm6 3lr -po6 3lu -po9 3i0 -qla 3ht -qld 3lo,-qhc 3i4 -qhc 3ia -qhc 3lr,-qcv 3lu -qcs 3i0,-q98 3i0 -q91 3lr,-q5j 3lr -q5j 3i4,-q1r 3i0 -q1o 3lr,-pu4 3i4 -pu4 3lo,-pqm 3i4 -pqp 3lu,-qeg 385 -qik 3ab -qem 3ak,-qie 3ab -qea 3dj,-qbt 3a2 -qbq 3cu,-qbq 3a2 -q8f 3cf -q8f 39v,-q6i 39m -q6f 3co,-q6f 39m -q42 3au -q6f 3cr,-njl 31e -nm5 338 -njv 343 -njv 32r,-njb 330 -nj8 341,-njb 333 -nis 32h -ni5 32k -nhr 330,-nh2 32p -nhf 341,-nh5 32p -nh7 32u -ng7 33p,-nha 33f -nh0 33f -ngm 33f,-ng4 31t -nf1 341 -ned 320,-nda 322 -ne1 32r -nda 338 -ne6 33s -nc2 341,-nb2 31m -n9b 338,-n8p 31r -na9 348,-n85 32m -n9g 346,-n85 32p -n7f 33s,-n8n 33a -n7p 338,-n6t 32c -n6t 341,-n6r 32f -n64 32p -n62 32u -n6o 33d -n5o 33p,-n59 31t -n56 346 -n3p 333 -n56 320,-k25 2s4 -k25 2tm,-k27 2s2 -k2r 2sc,-k22 2s2 -k1h 2sc,-k22 2u3 -k2h 2ua,-k25 2tu -k19 2uf,-k22 2u0 -k20 2v3,-h87 2j5 -h85 2l8 -h7c 2k3 -h87 2j7,-h6o 2k0 -h79 2kp -h6j 2lb -h64 2kn -h6o 2k3,-h5n 2k5 -h5d 2l8 -h4k 2ld -h4i 2k3 -h4i 2ln,-h40 2jp -h40 2ll -h35 2l1 -h3u 2kn -h37 2k3 -h3u 2jr,-h2e 2k0 -h2e 2lg -h1b 2lg,-h0b 2ka -h11 2ks -gvs 2l1 -h0l 2li -gva 2ll,-ebv 2ie -ebl 2ln,-ebs 2ie -ead 2ja -ebl 2ka,-e90 2io -ea3 2k8 -e8m 2lq -e7j 2k8 -e90 2io,-e5u 2j5 -e71 2kd -e5k 2ln -e4h 2kf -e5s 2j5,-e3m 2ja -e3j 2lq -e1q 2lq,-cq7 2g8 -cq7 2it,-cq2 2g8 -cos 2g6 -coq 2gs -cq2 2ho -cp4 2ie,-cnp 2h9 -coi 2i2 -cnp 2ie -cn8 2hj -cnp 2hb,-cma 2h9 -cmp 2i2 -clt 2i7,-clm 2g3 -cl7 2i7,-cle 2h9 -ckq 2g6,-cle 2h6 -ckg 2ht,-cjg 2g1 -cjs 2hj -cii 2ht -cj1 2gs,-cia 2g6 -cia 2gb -ci5 2hq,-cia 2g6 -ci3 2g6 -cgm 2h6,-ci8 2h6 -chh 2gn,-cgm 2fi -cgj 2fn -cg2 2hb,-cgm 2fk -cf9 2g3 -cg2 2gq -cen 2gq,-ceb 2f5 -ce6 2gq -cdi 2fp -ced 2f8,-ccu 2f8 -cda 2g1 -cck 2gb -cd3 2gl -cc7 2gn,-cbt 2f5 -cbt 2gn,-cbt 2f8 -cbc 2fd -cal 2gd -cae 2f8,-8mv 19g -8mv 1e6 -8kh 1e9,-8ig 1bk -8jo 1ej,-8ie 1bk -8hg 1e6,-8j4 1d1 -8hv 1d1,-8h6 1bm -8h6 1eg -8g5 1d6 -8h3 1bm,-8fk 1br -8fk 1e4 -8eo 1d6 -8fh 1br,-8d1 1br -8e2 1cs -8cs 1dg -8e4 1e9 -8bn 1f9,-8b0 1c5 -8b0 1eq,-8ar 1c3 -89j 1cn -8ar 1dq -88l 1eg,-8e4 1f9 -8eh 1hs,-8e4 1fh -8db 1gp -8eh 1hu,-8cg 1g5 -8cn 1hf,-8ci 1g5 -8c1 1gp -8cl 1h0 -8bn 1hk,-8a2 1g7 -8b0 1h3 -8a7 1i3 -88q 1gr -8a5 1g5,-88b 1gf -88e 1ib,-889 1gf -87b 1ha -88e 1hi,-4tp ek -4ve hm -4u1 h2 -4u1 jk,-4td fi -4td gt -4sk gq -4sk ho -4r7 gl,-4r7 en -4qb ge,-4r4 en -4pd fi -4pn e0,-4ou dh -4o0 fn -4nu e5 -4p3 df,-4lj ei -4mt ea -4m4 dp -4n5 dm -4m2 cc,-4ks ce -4kg eu,-4kv cc -4ji d5 -4kn dr -4iu ea,-2en 6l -2eg b4,-2eq 6o -2f9 6v -2gc 87 -2en 6l -2cr 82,-2eq 5v -2ev 2e -2dk 3k,-2ev 2e -2g9 3k -2ev 2e,-ng -16 -n3 3h,-kh -16 -m0 l -iv 24 -kj 3m -m5 2j -j4 -8 -ke -14,-hk -14 -ej -14 -hd 3a,5 -48 -52 -48 -2r -5m,-52 -49 -2n -31#B -qg4 3l1 2q,B -qgg 3ku 2q,B -qgp 3js 3f,B -qgs 3k6 2i,B -qg4 3kl 2b,B -qgs 3l8 31,B -qh9 3ko 2q,B -qi4 3js 31,B -qi7 3iu 31,B -qhc 3k0 2l,B -qho 3kr 2i,B -qik 3le 2n,B -qib 3l8 2n,B -qik 3kr 2q,B -qi1 3k3 31,B -qih 3jj 2q,B -qi4 3k6 2q,B -qj0 3l1 2q,B -qin 3ki 35,B -qjd 3k6 2q,B -qke 3jp 2q,B -qk5 3kc 2q,B -qjp 3ku 2q,S -qd7 3iu,S -qd7 3k0,S -qd7 3kr,S -qd7 3le,T -q89 3jm,T -q89 3ko,T -q83 3lh,T -q8s 3jm,T -q8s 3kl,T -q8s 3le
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