Re: Lchf (low Carb, High Fat) Diet - Your Thoughts Callers

Postby slumdog on Tue 9/Sep/14 3:51pm

Trail wrote:Still think it is simply energy in, energy out?

Watch this and tell me if you still think that?

I too watched this with interest.

I think there are two sides to it, eating for weight loss, and eating for health.

Note that eating for a weight loss could be achieved by eating badly, but in small enough quantities, but it would be bad for your health in particular ways because of the imbalance. The lower weight just gets rid of the health issues related to obesity directly, but the imbalance could still cause other health issues (who knows, perhaps an individual surviving on sugar, but at a healthy weight, would still be at high risk of diabetes as would an obese person. This is what worries me about the high carb nature of training/race nutrition).

In Lattas case, he had a healthy weight, but his diet was doing shit to his body because it is imbalanced. I am the same, too much sugar and processed foods, so I gotta do somethig about it also, despite being lighter than I was at high school many moons ago.

Train for fitness, eat for health. At the moment I'm eating shit because I'm burning it off, but it's still the wrong stuff really.

Aaaaanyway I had the pleasure of discussing with a physiologist a while ago (which got me back to this thread) as I was showing too much carb use in my gas exchange figures, and asked what I could do about it. I mentioned switching to LCHF. He said it is all the rage with research & actually that he had done a small sample test with a bunch of athletes.

They switched to LCHF. He measured performance, and found their endurance was good, but the all out effort measures fell through the floor.

The online newspaper articles I have read of a particular NZ triathlete who switched to LCHF and started to see results mentioned he trains LCHF but supplements race efforts with carbs. Presumably he is training his body to efficiently use fat, and his diet is loading his body with that for training, but then the fat supply is running out and/or is slower to restore under effort and/or is not as good at fueling the hard match burning efforts such as a climb on the run or bike, or a sprint to get into position for example.

Just thought that might add a bit more fuel to the thread for thought...
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Re: Lchf (low Carb, High Fat) Diet - Your Thoughts Callers

Postby Trail on Tue 9/Sep/14 4:16pm

I have seen the carbs for hard out efforts results from another source as well. The LCHF seems to work great for long low intensity exercise, but the body can still burn carbs to give you high intensity output. The results I saw were in relation to reps to exhaustion when doing weights. Some carbs = more reps possible.
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Re: Lchf (low Carb, High Fat) Diet - Your Thoughts Callers

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Tue 9/Sep/14 8:04pm

Twin carbs and double overhead cam for the win :D
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