Re: Ladies Who Dh

Postby briiii on Tue 20/Jan/09 9:25pm

Something else to consider is that the ladies getting into DH may not know what the track is like or what to expect from a shuttle day in the area. This could be holding them back. Getting some feedback from the chicks who have already been and done it is a good idea as it will give prospective ones a bit more confidence.

I am in the wrong island too... I wouldn't turn down free shuttles!

Keep up the good work. If you pimp it, they will come :P
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Re: Ladies Who Dh

Postby Daisyrider on Tue 20/Jan/09 9:29pm

Love the support for "ladies who DH"
Just got to get over a few injuries and I'm there!

Mt Hutt is a great day out, thanks for all your work on the trails.

Also, those chch ladies that are keen to get out there but don't want to ride with the boys I'd be happy for them to join me an my friends for a ride!
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Re: Ladies Who Dh

Postby Martha_Hucker on Tue 20/Jan/09 10:32pm

I'm happy to post up any reviews, photos, flyers, ANY info, on because I think that offering shuttles for free to women has the potential to get more women into the sport, which is very cool and is the ultimate solution to your complaint that there aren't enough of us! Getting angry about it isn't helping - ultimately it still costs money and takes time to get TO the Mt Hutt shuttle days, so maybe people just need a bit more motivation to take advantage of this offer.

If anyone has done the shuttles and feels like helping encourage more women to take part, could you please email what you thought of the track and some photos if you have any to and I'll put more info up on the site along with the next dates.

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Re: Ladies Who Dh

Postby goldfish on Tue 20/Jan/09 11:41pm

If I was around I would take advantage of this offer. But i live on the other side of the world. Sorry.

Marketing 101 says you should ensure the women who DO join you have a great time - why focus on the many who HAVEN'T turned up??? Seems a bit backward to me. You've got a handful of women who might not have ridden otherwise - great!!

"Build it, and they will come" :)
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Re: Ladies Who Dh

Postby Daisyrider on Wed 21/Jan/09 10:14am

Here is an old shot for you on one of the tracks at Hutt. I have shuttled with Andy and his crew before and they were great, was quite a while ago though.
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TT at Hutt
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