Keeping Long Grass On Tracks Under Contral

Postby WayneG on Sun 18/Sep/11 9:09pm

The club is looking at getting a Trimmer Mower to keep the grass area of our tacks under contral as well as sprying. Has anyone used one or what do you use instead? We have a weedeater but for the flat area these look easier and have a wider cutting area so should be quicker. Any help would be great.

Trimmer Mowers: Option 1 Option 2
Thanks Wayne
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Re: Keeping Long Grass On Tracks Under Contral

Postby JumpR on Mon 19/Sep/11 8:46pm

What sort of tracks are you looking to maintain? Those trimmer mowers look okay for use on flat ground, but on corners with cambers or that have been cut up a bit the wheels would be on quite a different angle to each other (i.e what sort of change in levels between the 2 sides of the track?). The other thing to bear in mind is the width of tracks compared with the width of the trimmer mower - do you have narrow single track / trees that may be an obstacle? Best I have found is the use of two machines - one weedeater (with metal reinforced cord - better than square cord in my opinion) and one scrub bar with an 8 tooth cutting head (goes through 10cm gorse stems as well :) ).
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Re: Keeping Long Grass On Tracks Under Contral

Postby redman on Mon 19/Sep/11 9:19pm

Thought it was talk like a pirate day...not old english prosh day. Ye all listen.... The track wheeled trimmer is for cutting back on new tracks on sand based single tracks withthe idea that it would be faster than a weedeater/scrub cutter. The club currently use a scrub cutter but it is slow work. Thinking that the wheeled scrubber would be good to clear the intial single track line which would then be shaped and formed using Maclouds etc. The outlay is around 2 grand and we want to check is there somerthing better to do the job with???? THoughts please.. :)
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Re: Keeping Long Grass On Tracks Under Contral

Postby ryda on Tue 20/Sep/11 10:28am

how big is the scrub cutter you currently are using ? (Make and model)

personally (althought never having used one of those wheeled weapons in true anger, only on a small flat grass area testing the motor) I would be surprised if a scrub cutter ended up being slower for your purpose
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