Kaikoura Walking And Cycling Strategy Proposed

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Tue 10/Feb/09 1:44pm

http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/marlboroug ... a6523.html wrote:Improved safety, more mountain bike tracks and a walk-cycle alternative to busy Beach Rd were some of the public submissions on the Kaikoura District Council's walking and cycling strategy heard last week.

The council called for public comment on its strategy, which is designed to get more people out of cars and walking or biking to reduce wear and tear on roads, reduce pollution and have a healthier citizenry.

Several Kaikoura residents took the opportunity to speak to their submissions.

Cyclist John Clark said the intersection of Beach Rd/State Highway 1, the Esplanade and Ludstone Rd was quite daunting and "kids are at real risk" trying to negotiate the traffic, especially in the afternoon.

He said the pedestrian crossing with the island was an issue as it was only big enough for three to four people or two cyclists.

When other cyclists crossed and the island was full it was a recipe for disaster. An underpass or a bridge was needed if traffic lights were not an option.

However, Mr Clark said having no traffic lights in the town was great.

Beach Rd was also hazardous, especially if parked truck-trailer units had their tyres over the white parking lane, forcing cyclists to move out ino the traffic lane.

Mr Clark said attention should also be paid to the ride/walk out to the seal colony which had the potential to be one of the nicest in New Zealand, given the destination.

It was a narrow space though, and people driving along the road drove too fast often, cutting corners.

He noted at least one "share the road" sign had been placed south of Kaikoura and maybe they could be put up in several other spots.

Mr Clark said some thought should be given to more mountainbiking tracks in the region.

Possibilities include a track along the Kowhai River stop bank from the end of Greenlane to Postman's Rd, and a track traversing the foothills of Mt Fyffe between Fyffe Palmer track and Goldmine Creek crossing road to Mt Fyffe carpark.

Another submitter, Ralph Hogan, asked the committee to look at lowering the speed limit in the West End to below 50kms.

"Fifty kilometres an hour is just too fast. Maybe 30kms, it's a good speed which would help cyclists as well as pedestrians."

Mr Hogan also asked the council to consider changing the storm water drain grill lids which were a "death trap" to cyclists if they got their tyres stuck in them. He said a few cross bars may sort out the problem.

Brian Richards said the document was commendable but he was looking for a better developed and more defined route from the town centre to Point Kean, via the Esplanade, Avoca St and Fyffe Quay.

He said a safer, well signposted route through the wharf area and along the seashore would allow tourists and locals to enjoy the history and beauty of the area.

He said the information on tourist maps currently handed out was neither accurate nor informative and should be improved.
The most accurate map was in the telephone book.

Ronda Smith said the document was a "great strategy all together and long overdue."

She said Beach Rd could do with some bike stands and it needed an off road cycle/walkway for most of its length, given the number of vehicles on it.

She said the close encounters, especially with people pulling out of driveways, put off a lot of less confident people from bothering to bike to work or elsewhere.

Signage was also needed to advise motorists they needed to give cyclists room on the road.

She also asked that the South Bay-Ocean Ridge link be given some priority. It was advertised as being able to be used but the amount of sand made that impossible.
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