Juicy 5s Not Retracting

Postby 98percentCAULIFLOUR on Fri 12/Dec/08 1:06pm

So I'm replacing the pad on my Juicy 5 and have the lever clicked out and left the old pads in and have wiggled the pistons in but when I put the new pads in they areboth on the rotor, so the pistons arent retracted far enough but not matter how much I wiggle the pistons with the old pads in they wont go any further in. Why not???
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Postby konaking on Fri 12/Dec/08 1:06pm

bleed em
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Postby 98percentCAULIFLOUR on Fri 12/Dec/08 1:07pm

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Postby Slim on Fri 12/Dec/08 1:27pm

you need to release a little fluid
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Postby phunk on Fri 12/Dec/08 1:27pm

Why have you got the lever clicked out? Take the pads out and then use a plastic tyre lever to push the pistons back in, you may have to hold them for a minute to get the seals to relax a bit.
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Postby muddydave on Fri 12/Dec/08 2:43pm

sorry, thread hijack sort of, the lever on my juicy 7s is releasing REAL slow, is not my pistons so am thinking it's the plunger in the master cylinder but LBS says a new plunger kit is about 80-90 bucks!!! and says that they can't just be serviced and rebled to solve the problem....is alll this true or are they just after my not so hard earned $$, sorry for the jack.
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Postby Spokes on Fri 12/Dec/08 2:46pm

Drop Juicy in bin, go buy Shimano's and live a happy life.
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Postby hickie on Fri 12/Dec/08 2:49pm

A bleed may work, but I found the seals around the pistons in mine had worn enough to stop them retracting, which meant a rebuild of the caliper to replace them. Can get kits to DIY or will cost lots at the bike shop...
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Postby Muz on Fri 12/Dec/08 7:52pm

You might also want to look at carbon / brake pad dust build up around the caliper (around the edge of the brake piston - it can cause the piston to grab and partially seize, preventing it from fully retracting). An old toothbrush and a little isopropyl alcohol will solve the build up of crud in no time - or if you're super lazy, an air compressor is a good tool too. I've fully stripped motorcycle calipers to polish crud off the brake pistons, but have never had the need to go further than a toothbrush with the MTB brakes, so a quick clean or blast with a compressor will usually clean out the brake calipers really good.
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Postby Est57 on Fri 12/Dec/08 9:23pm

Had the same problem. It was traced to siht in the piston / bore. The caliper was stripped and everything was fine. Cost about an hour's worth of labour at your LBS but a good result.
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