Jfk Dig Tomorrow Eveing Has Been Cancelled

Postby Robbie on Thu 16/Dec/10 11:07am

Hello all
the Makara Peak Supporters will be running a maintenance work party on SWIGG and Starfish this coming Sunday from 10am.

The aim of this day is to firstly remove all of the notched drains (and construct in their place drains that are barely noticable to mountain bike riders)

And secondly, too trim back the shrubbery, before it starts to effect riders ( or walkers and runners) in a way that it does not need to be revisitited for some time.

AJK has created a thread on this right here, with some discussion about the hated drains. -->


It might rain on Sunday, which will help a great deal. This is because new track work can be packed down properly so it will last: fresh dry soil has little strength at all.

And anyway, most of this track is under the trees :)

We will be starting at 10am from the top of SWIGG, see you there!

And bring your bike :)



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Re: Swigg & Starfish Sunday 19th Dec

Postby Robbie on Mon 20/Dec/10 2:52pm

Cheers to Andrew, Don, Hugh, Jono, Jim and Rob for getting stuff done on Sunday, in spite of the wet weather! Everybody got soaked early on and stayed that way for hours!

A whole lot of vegetation was cut back on Big Tom's, SWIGG and Starfish. Heaps of fresh spring growth needed to be countered well before it became a problem.

A very large number of the detested notch or nic drains were smoothed out, some were moved, and others were made more friendly for those who happen to ride over them.

Hopefully this work will not be noticed: the riding of this great pair of trails will just be that much nicer and perhaps less hazardous :thumbsup:
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Re: Ridgeline Extention Dig Day, Sunday 9th Jan

Postby Robbie on Fri 7/Jan/11 9:24pm

Ridgeline Extension needs a little TLC !

We will starting from the lower end (the road crossing to Big Tom's Wheelie) and working our way up from there.

The plan is to focus on this track from the road up to the picnic table, and if we are happy with that, venture further on up the hill.

With so many riders now decending North Face and Smokin, the time has come to offset the effects of heavy use and keep this track to intermediate standard.

This section is about 250m long, and parts are quite narrow, so please be prepared to stop with little or no warning if you are riding the track on Sunday.
Running into a volunteer tending to the track you are riding on would not be pretty. They also might be swinging heavy, sharp tools!

Tools, lunch and refreshements will be provided by the Makara Peak Supporters to those who would like to volunteer their time for a little track work :)



Makara Peak Tracks
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Re: Ridgeline Extention Dig Day, Sunday 9th Jan

Postby Robbie on Mon 10/Jan/11 9:11am

all done and dusted :)

more info right here-->


I could copy the blog here however the Vorb brain resizes the pictures into small size. :eh:
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