Re: Itu Triathlon Champs 2012

Postby Kiwicyclo on Wed 24/Oct/12 11:44pm

Went in and had a look at the weekend and found the whole thing a bit of a shambles really! The on course entertainment was spectacular but the organisation and crowd management was left wanting!

Serious lack of any information around where and how to "cross the course"
Constantly being directed (via lack of directional signage) to dead end parts of the course where you had to go all the way back the way you had come to go anywhere.
Serious lack of signage on where the expo was and where the cloud even was (visiting from out of town)
1, 2 ,3 ambassadors who could not tell you where the underpass or the cloud was . . .

That was on Saturday, probably got it sorted for Sunday and Monday.
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Re: Itu Triathlon Champs 2012

Postby BrokenKonaRider on Thu 25/Oct/12 9:33am

Monday was fine. Lots of good vantage points. Great atmosphere with friends and families cheering on anyone and everyone, with loudest roars for their entrant, and plenty of stoked finishers hanging around supporting others. Also nice atmosphere on the later plane trip back to Wellington with competitors sharing stories of efforts. Funny to see the difficulty many riders had with their extreme bike bling at the bike turn around point.

I thought it was good day out and well organised for everyone, considering there were over 3000 competitors on the day.
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