6 Or 12 Hour Xc Race, Sat Nov 17th

Postby skidston on Fri 5/Oct/07 9:17am

This sounds like a pretty fun event - it's a relay race around the Mt Vic tracks, with teams consisting of 3-4 people, biking for either 6 or 12 hours (shared between the team).

It would be pretty sweet if we could get a team or two together from VUW, so email back if you might be keen, and we'll take it from there. I'll put a thread up on vorb about it as well. Personally i'd be up for being part of a social-grade team, taking it easy, but there should be enough people keen that we can get a more hardout team together as well.

Check it out here - http://www.wildwellington.co.nz/Site/Wi ... fault.aspx

Entry cost is $350 for the 12 hour, $300 for the 6 hour, per team, and this includes a pair of icebreaker socks! So it will be $87.5 per person in a 4-person team, and this includes loads of goodies and food etc, and the chance to win tonnes of spot-prizes, and of course, cost of organising the event! You can also get a cool event t-shirt for an extra $35.

Post back if you think you'll be up for it, and include

Whether you want to be part of a 6 or 12 hour team.
Your gender
Level of fitness
Whether you want to go hardout or take it easy

You don't have to be a student!

If you specifically want to be in an all mens/womens/mixed team, then you'd better state that as well, but i guess we'll just try and mix it up as much as possible....

Sweet as!
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Postby cpower on Mon 15/Oct/07 8:47am

I'm already in a team for J'ville Cycles, otherwise I'd be keen. Looks like a good race :)
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Postby skidston on Tue 16/Oct/07 4:33pm

Yeah, seems everyone is already in a team. Too slow off the mark i suppose....

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