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Help Ethan To Support Heart Kids

Postby 13daza on Fri 3rd Nov 7:48pm

Hi all this is my Son Ethan hes a mad keen cyclist and absolutely loves the buzz and riding at Taupo and other fun rides .He is really passionate about helping other kids out and he's raising money for Heart kids again this year hes going strong bit any help to raise more would be appreciates..
I can't ride with him this year so a good mate has stepped up and is going escort him around on the quarter lake ride Ethan has promised to try not to drop Tim on the way up Hatepe lol.
If any are riding around the Lake and come across Ethan on his big mission give him a shout out it really gives him a buzz . ... -a-legend/
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Re: Help Ethan To Support Heart Kids

Postby 13daza on Friday 8:55pm

Hi all Ethans been cranking along with just a wek to go hes going to have a cruisey ride over the weekend and maybe one more next week he got picked to do the team holden thing so he will be wearing a holden jersey if any spot him on the way,give him a shout out and a wave.
Hes going well on the fundraising and raised over $700 so far, he would love to raise a thousand like last year so any help to get there no matter how small would be awesome, anyway check out his fundraising page he spends a bit of time updating his progress with training and such so its a good read
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