Re: Heavy Power Steering

Postby el_booto on Mon 20/Oct/14 6:54pm

I can probably guarantee that Scotty (or his other half) won't want to drive their caldina around the hills of Dunedin with 200kg of ballast out back ;)
Won't somebody think of the fuel economy :butbut:

Perhaps a better suggestion would be to take it to a power steering specialist.
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Re: Heavy Power Steering

Postby foremannz on Mon 20/Oct/14 8:50pm

Scotty wrote:
Dougal wrote:They they touch anything other than the belt? Like the hoses?
Does it have oil in it? Does it have the correct oil in it?

Dunno, buit I have noticed a lot of oil residue around the hoses and on the side of the engine bay around that area, so that'll be where I play next...

Get that crap off your paint FAST! In doing that, also get it nice and clean and dry, then go for a drive and see if any more fluid appears.
Also, do you know if the steering is speed sensitive? If so, there might be a wire unplugged somewhere on the steering rack near the steering column.
Best to take it back and get the garage to sort it anyways.
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