Re: Hbo - The Pacific

Postby E Dogg Capizzle on Mon 17/May/10 9:57pm

That happened a few episodes ago, but he used a bayonet I think.
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Re: Hbo - The Pacific

Postby nostromo on Mon 17/May/10 10:39pm

RussS wrote:Getting better. When I see someone roaming around behind enemy lines with a pair of pliers, pulling gold teeth from dead Japs I will know it is starting to get authentic :D

The listener has an interview with a Kiwi who was a Radar expert on loan to the yanks at Peleliu (or whatever!) he saw that happening, he didn't think it too bad compared to un-named other things he saw, and that the soldiers doing it said they weren't expecting to make it home so were sending the gold to their wives.
He said he has been watching the series and it is "as it was - it was bloody murder" and described running up the beach being aware of people dieing around him, not shot down by bullets but whole groups flattened by howitzers.

Basically I think we're f*cking lucky to live the easy lifes we have eh? :crazy:
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Re: Hbo - The Pacific

Postby MattV on Mon 17/May/10 10:40pm

happybaboon wrote:
MattV wrote:Agreed. They didn't spare the severed limbs either.

Plentiful severed limbs was most acceptable. Also I liked it when they beat that dude to death with the shovel. And I like that psychoish guy with the mad eyes whos with Sledge.

Was that the guy who stabbed that Jap in the head after he shot him?
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Re: Hbo - The Pacific

Postby stiffeeslicker on Mon 17/May/10 10:51pm

Nah that was the old guy who's a platoon commander or something. The psycho guy it the one with black hair who was doing the aforementioned tooth-pulling and whom Sledge rescued in this week's episode. He is a good character though.
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Re: Hbo - The Pacific

Postby happybaboon on Mon 17/May/10 11:16pm

stiffeeslicker wrote:Nah that was the old guy who's a platoon commander or something.

I like that guy too.

The under-using of William Saddler in The Pacific is criminal. He's a good actor playing a kickass character, and yet he only shows up about once every three episodes to say two or three lines. WTF!
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