Hardtail Fork Upgrade?

Postby onree on Sat 2/Sep/06 9:45pm

I have a Keewee Stealth and want to upgrade the forks. I have Psylos witha 20mm thru axle/120mm travel.Im more into drops and downhill than jumps/tricks etc and was thinking about 2nd hand dual crown forks?? Bad idea? Any help would be sweet, cheers
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Postby XTC1 on Sat 2/Sep/06 9:48pm

You gota be carefull putting big forks on hardtails as they tend to snap the head tube, have a go with the the search button at the top right of the screen, theres been many many threads about this
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Postby BrentD on Sat 2/Sep/06 9:50pm

"20 minutes into the future"
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Postby spleenitch on Sat 2/Sep/06 10:10pm

Dont be daft :crazy:

In my defence, they are only 120mm travel, on an 06 stealth, and its only for trails/commutes

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Postby Con-air on Sat 2/Sep/06 10:13pm

Get some 150mm single crowns, i know a guy who's hitting 3 metre high road gaps on a Stealth with 150mm shermans.
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Postby spleenitch on Sat 2/Sep/06 10:27pm

Oh yeah, what year be your stealth?

Im guessing if youre light and smooth you can get away with - as Con-Air suggests - 150's (06's can be specced with 140mm forks - my justification for 120mm triples)..

Put a pic in the Post Your Ride thread if you have one, too :)
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Postby MVink on Sat 2/Sep/06 10:53pm

When will people realise that the fork travil is not what matters? it's about the ride hight.
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Postby onree on Sun 3/Sep/06 11:12am

Its a 2004 keewee stealth, so the old style frame which I like the look of more than the new style but maybe the new ones are stronger.. Everything matters to a certain extent...travel is def important. Thanks for the help people, maybe il just save up and but a dualie or get some SC
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Postby Quicktime09 on Sun 3/Sep/06 11:37am

i've got the same stealth frame as yours and i'm running marz 04 z1s 130mm and they're great for dh..plush and sensitive
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