Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby mikek01 on Tue 20/Oct/09 8:48pm

I made a carbon fibre frame using parts off a diamond back vee link check out the photos and you can see the process. I have re configured the geometry with a laid back front and a more upright seat stay for climbing. it will be used as a x country bike and if it stays together I'll give it a heave on some down hill . It has an Fox RP 2 rear shock con figured for 125 mm of travel and the mazochi bombers are adjustable 100-140 with micro tune and lock out. I still used the xt vees on the back cos i didn'd want to muck around trying to fit discs to this unit. Its put together using pre impregnated carbon tube and the wet wrapped with carbon cloth. I used a vacuum unit and tape for the wet wrap. I also built an oven to post cure the carbon at 60 degrees C for 24 hrs and used the same oven to harden the piant job after each coat. I started the design in January and because I didnt have a lath to machine the parts I wanted I decided to use an old bikes bits just to get me esed to working with the carbon etc. I had ny first ride on Saturday and am nervously enjoying it and keen to do a full build with no old bits
creating frame
lengthening back swing arm
setting up shock
first paint in wood shed
the true use for a clothes line
frame together but not yet finished
nearly finished still too put on front derailer and brake cable mounts
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Re: Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby nostromo on Tue 20/Oct/09 9:06pm

Nice work. So the top and down tubes are off the shelf carbon tubes, bonded to the existing seat and head tube? How are the shock and pivot mounts on the top tube done?
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Re: Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby mikek01 on Wed 21/Oct/09 2:36pm

I cut the carbon clothe out into a butterfly shape of the mounts an formed them on to a carboaord cut out of the shock head to give me the space . I also pre-glued three fold of carbon cloth and presses them over night which left me with a cardboard like carbon sheet which I then cut into the shape of the mounts and layerd them in with the butterfly wrap. The back pivot has the original pivot cut down and moulded into it
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Re: Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby richardg on Wed 21/Oct/09 2:51pm

Nice work, always great to see another homebuilt!
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Re: Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby 9ine on Wed 21/Oct/09 3:57pm

That kicks ass. Homebuilt carbon, nice work dude.
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Re: Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby crayfish on Wed 28/Oct/09 3:18pm

Keep on doing it mate. You'll be a great engineer one day!

What does it ride like?
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Re: Hand Made Carbon Bike

Postby MattV on Wed 28/Oct/09 7:24pm

Holy crap - that's awesome :thumbsup:
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