Ok Guys I Know U Dont Like My Tracks But This Is 1 Ive Done

Postby freeridertracks on Mon 7/Jul/08 11:03am

=] my 7th one i hope u like(high detail)
-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1l -21 2n -2u 3s -46 5g -59 6q -6k 80 -85 8v -9l 9n -b5 ad,16 1l 1h 31 1s 4k 2o 6k 3n 85 53 9k,is ht kt id n0 il p5 in ra ih t6 i1 uk h7 vv fr 117 ec 12d cp 13k b6 14s 9s 161 9f 164 al 15t bl 16s bf 17r av 18l b9 19k bq 1aq cd 1c0 dd 1d3 eb 1eb ff 1fm gq 1h4 i7 1ig j8 1k8 k5 1m9 ks 1od la 1qk le 1su l9 1v8 kv 21b ke 232 jl 24e in 25m h5 26f fd 272 dj 27m br 286 ak 28m 9j 295 8k 29p 7t 2ad 7f 2b3 7e 2bj 7u 2br 8u 2bv a5 2c5 bn 2ca cv 2cg eb 2co ff 2de gn 2em hr 2g9 ia 2ib ib 2k0 i6 2lo i1 2ng hs 2pa hn 2r8 hl 2ta hm 2ve hr 31k i9 33o j4 35q k8 37q lg 39r mo 3br o0 3ds p8 3ft qh 3i2 rp 3kc st 3ms tn 3pg u7 3s4 ue 3uo ub 417 tv 43h tc 45p sk 481 ru 4ab r8 4cr qn 4fe qc 4i2 q7 4km q6 4na qd 4pt qv 4se rn 4ut sk 516 tt 539 vd 55j 10p 58a 11r 5bg 12g 5f0 12l 5hb 12f 5kl 11q 5nn 10t 5qi vn 5tj uh 5vs tu 628 tj 64j tg 67q tt 6af v3 6cn 10r 6ep 12l 6gq 143 6jc 14r 6me 14v 6pp 14e 6t4 13g 70b 12d 73d 114 76e vr 79c un 7bj tu 7cv ti 7bp uj 7a5 vc 78i 10e 77b 11o 76v 13e 77o 157 79e 16i 7b6 16u 7d0 16o 7en 15v 7gd 14o 7i1 136 7jj 11j 7l6 104 7n1 v9,82k 101 852 10t 87e 11v 89r 132 8cc 146 8f7 15b 8i7 16e 8la 17a 8oc 186 8re 19h 8ui 1b1 91l 1cj 94o 1e4 97p 1fl 9aq 1h6 9du 1ij 9h7 1jp 9kj 1kk 9nt 1l4 9r7 1la 9uf 1la a1o 1l9 a52 1l8 a8b 1l9 abl 1la aeu 1lc ai7 1ld alg 1lf,aeq 1lc afp 1l8 ago 1l5 ahr 1kv ais 1kl ajp 1k8 akl 1jm alb 1j2,al8 1j0 al8 1jq al5 1kj al3 1l8,afc 1lf ag5 1le ah0 1la ahp 1l3 aih 1kt aja 1ko ak2 1kg akm 1k7 al8 1jt,akf 1ka akf 1kt akc 1le,ajn 1ko ajm 1l9,ain 1ks aiq 1lh,alf 1lh ale 1mr akf 1nr aip 1ot ahb 1ps agb 1rc age 1t3 ahh 1uq aiq 201 akb 216 am1 228 ann 23b ap9 24c aqh 258 arn 25u at9 26a auu 26i b0o 26s b2h 272 b4a 273 b65 274 b88 27o b9t 28f bbh 297 bdd 29i bfj 29i bhc 29g bj5 29d bkv 29e bmt 29v bok 2b6 bq0 2ct brc 2en bsp 2gh bu7 2ib bvp 2k5 c1c 2lv c31 2np c4n 2pj c6f 2rc c8c 2t2 cah 2uj ccv 2vt cfk 311 cif 31v clf 32m coi 338 crm 33o cur 345 d20 34h d53 34n d86 34j db5 343 ddr 336 dgc 31u dio 30i dkb 2v5 dl2 2tk dln 2s2 dmd 2qf dnd 2ov dol 2ns dq0 2ne dq3 2oa dpt 2p1 dqt 2p3 drt 2ok dsj 2po dsn 2qv dtl 2sa duq 2tm e04 2v2 e1p 301 e3q 30m e5j 311 e7h 31b e9m 31p ebs 32n edv 346 efv 365 ehv 383 ek2 3a1 em9 3bs eok 3dk er2 3fa etg 3h0 f00 3ik f2g 3k8 f54 3ll f7u 3mo fav 3nd fe6 3nj fhf 3ni fkk 3n7 fnj 3mg fqc 3lg ft2 3ka fvm 3j3 g29 3hr g4s 3gk g7f 3fd ga2 3e8,ga5 3ed g9h 3g0 g82 3hk g75 3j9 g7m 3l4 g8e 3n0,g8f 3ml htg 3lm,htg 3lq hu1 3mu huu 3ok i09 3ps i1q 3qb i3p 3ql i5e 3r3 i6v 3rr i8d 3so i9o 3tm ib1 3uv ica 40a idm 41p if7 43a igc 44e ihj 45j iiq 46o ik2 47t ilb 492 imk 4a6 inu 4bb ip7 4ce iqv 4dd it3 4e0 iuu 4e7 j0r 4e9 j2q 4ea j4p 4ea,7mb vi 7ms 101 7pk v8 7sq vf 80u 10a,837 118 84j 10q,836 10b 82a 111,80l vk 80b 104,7uq v8 7ub vu,7t5 v1 7sh vi,7od va 7od vl,7np v8 7o0 vl,7ml vf 7nt vu,7pb v0 7pg vd,7ql v1 7qb vf,7nu v6 7o5 us,2c1 a7 2ca b0 2co c0 2di d1 2eh du 2fi ep 2gk fh 2ho g5 2is gk 2js gu 2ku h7 2lr hd 2ml hh 2nf hl,2c4 b5 2cl cc 2di dk 2em em 2fu fi 2h3 ga 2i7 gq 2jb h9 2ka hk 2l9 hq 2m5 hs 2mt 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1mu,j4n 4eb j5p 4ea j6s 4e7 j88 4e7 j9o 4eb jb5 4eg jcl 4el je9 4er jg0 4f1 jhn 4f3 jje 4f2 jl2 4es jmi 4ed jo1 4dq jpe 4d3 jqp 4c7 js1 4b6 jta 4a2 juk 48u jvv 47q k10 478 k05 48e jv8 498 jvh 4ae k05 4bo k18 4cj k2f 4cn k3k 4ck k4u 4ce k6b 4ce k7t 4cj k9h 4cr kb5 4de kcn 4ea keb 4fd kg0 4gm khc 4hp kip 4it kk8 4k2 klq 4l8 knf 4md kp9 4ng kr6 4of kt8 4p6 kvb 4pm l1f 4q0 l3h 4q2 l5g 4pt l7a 4pi l8v 4p0 lad 4o9 lc6 4n5 ldv 4lv lfn 4ko lhf 4jh,lhh 4jg lgt 4kg lg7 4lf lfi 4mc lfd 4nd lgk 4nn li7 4nl ljk 4n1 lko 4m6 llp 4lc lml 4kl,ljc 4ib lis 4im,lit 4iq ljn 4ik lkp 4il llo 4j3 lmj 4ji ln2 4k5 lml 4km,ljd 4ib lkd 4hu llc 4hj lmc 4h8 lng 4gs lor 4gf lqd 4fv lrr 4fi ltc 4f7 luv 4f0 m0h 4eu m25 4et m3q 4eu m5g 4f4 m75 4fi m8r 4g7 mag 4h0 mc1 4i1 md8 4jd meb 4kv mfl 4mn mgl 4o2 mhl 4pe mip 4qr mk2 4s9 mlc 4tn mmq 4v3 mod 508 mq3 514 mrt 51q mtp 52b mvl 52o n1i 533 n3g 53d n5e 53k n7b 53p n98 53r nb3 53p ncr 53k neh 539 ng5 52r nhm 52b njm 51h nlj 50l nnd 4vk np5 4ui nql 4t9 nro 4rq ns9 4q4 nse 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Postby freeridertracks on Mon 7/Jul/08 8:16pm

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Postby JacobRjett on Mon 7/Jul/08 10:16pm

Are you 12 years old by any chance?
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Postby yakuza on Mon 7/Jul/08 10:42pm

Why don't you post them in the freerider 2 thread instead of creating a new one each time, or just post it in previous ones. YOU WINNER
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Postby SlackBoy on Mon 7/Jul/08 10:44pm

Aw cmon, the new topic button and the post reply button are so close together. H:e's just to retarded to figure it out
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Postby whitespyblackspy on Mon 7/Jul/08 10:44pm

Noooooooo no more!

guys dont post on this guys threads!
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Postby MattV on Mon 7/Jul/08 10:59pm

yakuza wrote: Why don't you post them in the freerider 2 thread instead of creating a new one each time

Could this be the most constructive thing "yakuza" has ever said :eh:

Yes :0
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Postby JacobRjett on Mon 7/Jul/08 11:04pm

whitespyblackspy wrote: Noooooooo no more!

guys dont post on this guys threads!

How about keep posting on his threads, with unwelcoming comments until he realises vorb doesnt want his crap taking up space on this magnificant website?

That sounds more like it. :sneaky:

"Ok Guys i No U Dnt Like My Tracks But Thi Is One Ive Done"

Sorry for mistaking you for a twelve year old,

9 and 3/4 sounds more appropriate.
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Postby eyeball on Mon 7/Jul/08 11:12pm

it must be a guy taking the piss nobody can really be this dumb or can they :eh:
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Postby psychavoc on Tue 8/Jul/08 10:31am

Tama wrote: To celebrate the beginning of the holidays and the moderators impending loss of sanity I've setup a special forum so groms people can post up as many Freerider 2 maps as they like.

Freerider 2

The forums (and maps) can be found here: http://www.vorb.org.nz/forum-18.html

Enjoy :)

Just let him post in here - it's what this forum was designed for :) And if you don't want to see the Freerider forum on your Mini-Vorb, here's how you can turn it off.
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Postby Flyboy on Tue 8/Jul/08 12:29pm

aside from all the threads for individual tracks, do you realise how boring your tracks actually are? have a look at what other people have made, particularly the ones with lots of positive comments about them, and try something like them, rather than what you've done so far.
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Postby JacobRjett on Tue 8/Jul/08 1:49pm

eyeball wrote: it must be a guy taking the piss nobody can really be this dumb or can they :eh:

On second thought yes, that sounds like it...

Hes either taking the piss or hes one really screwed up little boy :huh:

If you are taking the piss however... Your a faggot :)

A faggot is a kind of meatball, a traditional dish in the UK, especially the southwest of England and Wales.

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Re: Ok Guys I Know U Dont Like My Tracks But This Is 1 Ive Done

Postby blooberry on Sat 25/Mar/17 12:43pm

it fucking sucks ass and why doesn't it have any detail bitch :lol:
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Re: Ok Guys I Know U Dont Like My Tracks But This Is 1 Ive Done

Postby Velocipedestrian on Sat 25/Mar/17 6:03pm

Your post could do with some detail in its criticism.
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