Mt Grey Info

Postby DogsBollocks on Wed 14/Sep/11 8:17pm

Howdy. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get some info on heading up Mt Grey. Not been there yet and the weekend is looking good for a hill. Directions/maps/discriptions anything appreciated. Cheers :)
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Re: Mt Grey Info

Postby swtchbckr on Wed 14/Sep/11 10:03pm

Comptons Bush Rd. it starts off Douglas Rd which goes out of Amberly (just after the cop shop on the left heading north).

i usually head north on Main North Rd, cross the Ashley River, turn left to Sefton, hang a right at Sefton, follow that road through Balcairn, continue all the way to the end (not turning right to Amberly when the "inland scenic route" peels off), then left (on Comptons Bush Rd) and on up onto the gravel, continue to Lake Janet.

Once at Lake Janet, when you're looking at the "lake" (its more of a pond), there's a 4wd access road up sort of on your right, follow that to the top of the hill. between the two peaks (one has all the towers on it, the other has a trig), there's a track that heads down. follow that through all its switchbacky goodness and beautiful singletrack sections between, all the way down to the bottom then hang a left on the road and head back up to Lake Janet. Its called the Mt Grey Track... strictly speaking, its a walking track. but i've never seen any "no bikes" signs, so its sorta fair game, isnt it?

alternatively. there's a track that heads down just next to the firelookout tower, that sorta zigs and zags a few times then dives back down into the forest to Lake Janet. its a shorter option.

the Mt Grey track loop only takes a couple hours. 3 if you're taking your time i guess..

be really nice to any walkers you meet... eh :sleeping:
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