Gravelling Of Nicols Creek Track- Its On!!! Beginning Sunday

Postby G on Sat 18/May/13 6:56pm

We have 4.5km of trail left to gravel and the Nicols Creek Track will be weatherproofed so it can be ridden all year. HELL say!! For this to happen MBO needs your help.
Starting on Sunday 26th May MBO will be running gravelling sessions every other Sunday until it’s finished. The more people that come along to help out, the faster it will be finished.
What does it involve?
• Wheel barrowing the gravel down the trail
• Raking the gravel once its laid
• Packing down the gravel using the compactor
If you have a wheelbarrow/rake/shovel it would be really helpful if you could bring it along but if you don’t there will be equipment there to get the job done.
We are in talks to get some food and drink treats from sponsors to give out on the day to keep you fuelled up!
The plan each day is to start at 10am and go through till 3pm - if the weather is really bad it will be cancelled and we will post a cancellation on the MBO website. There will be a taped route from the trail head up to the work sites so that you don’t have to walk all the way up the trail.
As well as mountain bikers, there are lots of different groups who use the track, so if you could spread the word to everyone you know who might be keen to help out, we can make short work of this monster task.
It would be great to make a good start and smash it hard next Sunday - see you there!
Spread the word as far and wide, through all your networks... ... y-26th-may
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