Re: Grape Ride Results Anybody?

Postby kiwi_zg on Wed 31/Mar/10 7:28am

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Re: Grape Ride Results Anybody?

Postby 84millsy on Thu 1/Apr/10 12:32pm

Klarkash-ton wrote:ok, my report on my magnum attempt.

Getting to the hospital late was good as they had been kept pretty busy! But most of the cyclists had been seen to by the time I arrived so the waiting time wasn't the 1 hour the board warned of. Fractured clavicle and scapula. My overall time was 7.19, the second lap was pretty slow! I guess a fair bit of that was spent out of the saddle. But I finished. Not sure how to top this next year though.

Mate, you are a champ! I couldn't even pick a bottle up, let alone continue to ride! I get the feeling you would have finished that ride even if the arm was left on the road side.
I've just managed to escape the hospital after they screwed my clavicle back together. Turns out my shoulder blade was in multiple pieces in the end. Good fun.

Will have to swap xrays and compare notes. Get well soon.
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