Postby Dazzle on Fri 12/Apr/02 3:08pm


can the gimp name a bike mechanic in Welly-tron that meets the following criteria:

has torque wrench?
knows how to use torque wrench?
actualy uses torque wrench?
has the new tools required for ISIS/shimano spline bottom brackets and cranks?

basicly, someone who is more [url=^0@.ef3dcfa]evolved than these monkeys.[/url]

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Postby Scotty on Fri 12/Apr/02 8:49pm

I pity the fool who uses torque wrenches! Man, there's a fine line between brute force and ignorance, but if you can't tell when it's wayyyyyyyyyy overtight there's no way you should be wrenching!

That guy is a muppet!

By the way, ISIS is the go, been most happy with mine. :thumbsup:
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Postby happybaboon on Sat 13/Apr/02 12:03am

For some reason people flock to Arie's Cyclery in Newtown... Every time I go in there the workshop has a good three of four fancy-pants cannondales (or similar "look at how much money I have" bikes) stacked against the wall. Maybe it's just cheap? I dunno...

I'm pretty sure I saw a Shimano ISIS certificate in Mud t'other week though???

Just avoid Penny Farthings... Took them three goes to build my WTB speedisc right (although to be fair, it may have been the crappy wheelsmith spokes)...
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Postby Jono on Sat 13/Apr/02 12:34am

Yep - help the sponsor and get it dealt to at mud cycles. If they don't butter your muffin though, I can highly recommend oli at roadworks - he dealt with my bike when I was back in NZ, and it was a damned fine job. (he used to be the non-deviant member of cycle services...)

Even cleaned the mud off it for me. And he's a nice bloke to top it all off (plus based in aro valley, so it's always close to work...
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Postby SlackBoy on Sun 14/Apr/02 12:35am

not so much the non deciant, but the best at hiding

but I agree with jono

go with Vorbs and my own sponsor Mud Cycles first
and secondly roadworlks (he is a roadie, but even tho he ain;'t that bad, just run when he starts to preach
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