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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby Caz W on Mon 21/Dec/09 9:13am

Hey Rik

I would love a ticket!!
Hubby is obsessed by this cycling lark, out on his bike at every chance, racing weekend after weekend, Wednesday nights at Ruapuna etc. What is all the fuss about, I wonder??.......:exclaim:
I would love to get one up on him and enter an event where he gets to look after the kids while I enjoy the wind in my hair - a bit of a dig, he has none! Also, it would make a fantastic birthday present for me, race day is the day after!
Caz W
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby Deb_G on Mon 21/Dec/09 6:08pm

Hey Rik

I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED a ticket for this race as I think my bike deserves it. Its a sad and dusty,
Giant TCR C2. :love: Every day it watches its mates go out for a ride, whilst it just sits on
its little stand, being moved from one corner of the garage to another. It remembers
the time it did its one any only race (Graperide), and wishes its owner would get off
her arse and ride it like its never been ridden before...yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa.

Go on.... do it.....make its day....give me a bike's worth it!!! :lol:
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby Rik on Fri 8/Jan/10 12:46pm

And the winner is...

laurenw (and her mum)

As reward for all she has done for promoting cycling, the event and more importantly saving us from ourselves at the beach. I've seen Piha Rescue, I think what these guys and gals do is awesome.

This was a tough decision because there where so many other truely deserving winners. To you I would still strongly encourage you all to beg/borrow/steal the entry fee and get along because I think its going to be a truely enjoyable and memorable event, that you won't regret entering.
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby laurenw on Fri 8/Jan/10 2:13pm

Thanks so much Rik just came back from 3 weeks holiday with no bike so will be an excellent motivater to get straight into it!!

I would encourage all those who haven't tried a road race before, particularly a girls only one before to have a go.
They are amazing and no matter how slow you are (or think you are) I guarantee that there will always be someone slower than you! I did the Sub one a year or so ago and it was soo much fun and such a great atmosphere.

The coolest thing for me was seeing the males running round after their wifes at a sporting event for a change!

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask cause i've been racing for years and know the ins and outs! But honestly have a go, I find the best way to motivate yourself for training is to enter an event and then you can't back out and have the motivation to train for a goal!
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby Caz W on Wed 13/Jan/10 3:17pm

Congrats Lauren! What a good Xmas pressie this was for you!

Good luck. I am planning on entering as well, so need to get cracking and do some real training. C
Caz W
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby tony_11 on Wed 27/Jan/10 5:46pm

Well done Lauren, you deserve it..

The only downside to this is that as it's only a female event, you won't be able to kick ChchBobs arse in the sprint like you always do..

Well Done...
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby nagem on Thu 4/Feb/10 6:58am

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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby scatter on Thu 4/Feb/10 7:08am

Yeah Robyn! :cool:
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby surlyboy on Wed 10/Feb/10 11:40am

Over 750 entries to date and still climbing That matches any "male" catagory for sure. If it shows heaps of interest on the day there is talk of making a male catagory race day on the sunday. I think i would do this one for something completely different.
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby Fluff on Mon 22/Feb/10 10:56am

What a great event. The girls in our household enjoyed it heaps.

The rumour is next year it will be GOB on Saturday, and BOB (Boys on Bikes on Sunday. Roll on 2011!
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby westwing on Mon 22/Feb/10 12:31pm


We photographed the event for AshburtonOnline .... loads of photos at ....
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby laurenw on Tue 23/Feb/10 4:14pm

Race day dawned bright and early for us at 7am, it was really nippy outside but we knew it was going to be a great day for it, not even any wind!! I couldn't believe how nervous I was I race almost every week but doing a fun race is always caos and trying to stay upright is my main aim!
Myself and my mother set off an hour early for the start line, sat around for awhile before decided at 9 it was time to warm up, got down the road and Mum had a funny noise luckily she stopped to check it as her tyre had popped out the side of the rim ekkk. Luckily I knew if u just let a bit of air out it should pop back in, we raced back on mums half flat tyre to find the ENTIRE field lined up 20mins early I rushed around asking someone for a floor pump as neither of us wanted to forgo our canister luckily found a local CHCH racer by the name of Paul Jesson who saved our day and gave mum another wheel.

I then pushed my way into the front wave there was no way I wanted to be any further back, I knew from experience that if u started at the back of your group from the way the timing mats work, I would effectively have 10-15 sec on those who lined up at the front row. Some people got dropped at the start but we managed to ride past them all and catch up to the main bunch, we were setting a pretty good pace, and then we saw the first Elite group, I knew that if they jumped on it would ruin our race as they had separate prizes to go for, I made an attack as we passed them but unforunately they still jumped on. We then proceeded to catch C and B grade, which made our bunch which was only about 30 up to probably 80 ekkkk. I didn't like it one bit so myself and a couple of others tried as hard as we could to break it up but no success....
About 3kms from the finish there was a nasty crash, lots of screams and brakes slamming, I managed to be in front of it and then went straight to the front to avoid any further trouble!!

Didn't have my 'seeing' glasses on so thought the finish was closer than it was, let it out way too early but luckily the actual finish was the first timing mat and not the finish banner! Managed 3rd over the line but the people that bet me were all in separate categories and races.
Was stoked with how mum went coming in only 10ish mins after me!! After finishing I went back to the crash sight to see if I could help, worst person was a possible broken shoulder so not too bad!!

So ended up getting first mother and daughter team, and first in my age group, somehow along the line someone had made up a name "the Evergreens for our mother daughter team and we were highly confused why we didn't win because our time was quickest luckily we asked and found out someone had named us the evergreens?!!

Loved the event, hopefully next year they send the elites off further in front so we don't catch them.
Thanks heaps to vorb and Top of the South events for the entry it helped so much with the costs and was greatly appreicated by me and my mum
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby tony_11 on Tue 23/Feb/10 7:00pm

Well done Lauren Great effort. Looking like you would have been right up there in the Elite race as well if you went for that instead. From this performance you will be gunning at the Chch - Hanmer or Tour of Canterbury will you?
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Re: Girlsonbikes

Postby laurenw on Wed 24/Feb/10 9:28am

tony_11 wrote:Well done Lauren Great effort. Looking like you would have been right up there in the Elite race as well if you went for that instead. From this performance you will be gunning at the Chch - Hanmer or Tour of Canterbury will you?

Should have said I had to do the recreational grade to be able to do mother/daughter, and plus I have not got a license for this year. I still survive on only racing so no I won't handle the tour or Hanmer haha, I'm due to go out on placement but will try for Brunner hopefully.
'Elite' racing just doesn't interest me anymore but I still enjoy having fun racing :)
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