Giant Trance X3

Postby Chris_D on Thu 14/Oct/10 7:06pm

I've been out of touch with cycling and want to get back into it. At the moment I'm commuting 10km each way to work on a KHS XC 604t I picked up cheap a while ago. This bike has a lot of deferred maintenance so I'm thinking of getting something new. The bike will be used for getting to work daily, but mostly I want to get back into trail riding/XC this summer.

Would a brand new 2010 Giant Trance X3 for $2,000 be a good deal? There's one left in my size (small) being cleared from a local shop. What other bikes in the price range should I look at? I'm willing to buy used if it's less than 2 years old in good condition, and $2k is my absolute top dollar. Thanks.
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Re: Giant Trance X3

Postby ThingOne on Thu 14/Oct/10 7:16pm

The trance is a good trail bike, people rate them well.

Dunno about commuting on one each day, that would do my head in, buy a cheap roadie as well, probably pay for itself in reduced maintenance.
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Re: Giant Trance X3

Postby Abba on Thu 14/Oct/10 8:24pm

I agree, want to keep non trail riding mtb bike wear to a minimum if you don't happen to live in ChCh and head east along brougham street every morning by any chance?
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Re: Giant Trance X3

Postby obnostic on Mon 18/Oct/10 11:49am

The 2010 Trance X3 is a good bike, (I ride one myself) and $2000 for a brand new one is a pretty good deal (I spent $2800 on mine a year ago, though I got a RP23 instead of the stock Float R).

I don't think commuting on it is the best idea either, but, given what you're riding now, you shouldn't have too many problems.
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