Re: Garmin Hrm Problems

Postby slowMTB on Thu 14/Jan/16 12:52pm

Rik wrote:
danose wrote:
Rik wrote:It's all moot now because I put a packet fresh Energiser in it last night and... Nothing. put the old battery back in nothing. Power cycled everything, did sensor search about ten times, nothing. Me thinks le sender est fini :angry: (or possibly the 500 receiver, but it still picks up cadence okay)

perfect excuse to upgrade to one of the two optical ANT+ options mentioned earlier :thumbsup:

I was just about to push the button on an optical sender. When I got a response from Garmin customer support. Apart from mentioning all the things I'd already tried, the did advise washing the strap sensors to remove sweat residue. Bugger my with a broomstick, if that didn't fix it. 'Heart monitor dectected' my Garmin now beeps.

Now I'm in the awkward position of wanting an optical sender, but not needing one, :hmmm:

Whoops never mind, clearly just over used ( by a mountain of a man ) :thumbsup:
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Re: Garmin Hrm Problems

Postby Rik on Thu 14/Jan/16 12:53pm

danose wrote:worth it just to loose that annoying constriction of the chest strap - surely better breathing will be worth 10s to the kiwi ;)

$20/second? bargain!
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