Re: Garmin Gps Watches - Hr Monitors

Postby Derryn Hinch on Mon 23/Nov/09 11:28am

tricks121 wrote:
Chickenman wrote:
cauld wrote:
wgtngrl wrote:I stand corrected.
Take some solace in the fact that despite my space shuttle level of human instrumentation you are still faster up the hill than me :p

That maybe the case, but your view is better ;)

Ahhhh haaaa love it!!

Ok - so Derryn H - why did you get the foot pod etc, I was hoping to avoid anything like that (or am I think foot pod in the wrong way) so I didn't have to run with something attached to me. I assumed (wrongly??) that you didn't need a foot pod thingy with this and you got your speed etc automatically?

More investigation needed me thinks!

Sorry, I thought I had replied to this already. I only got the cadence pod because I didn't already have cadence on my computer, otherwise it is not necessary as it is an expensive extra.
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